Just waiting to find out if they are going to accept the contract. I honestly don’t think they will…I am a “glass has wine in it so lets drink” kinda girl most of the time.

With this I am totally being all “I just dropped the effin‘ glass!!!” I don’t think they will accept it b/c it is a pretty low offer compared to what they are asking. It is still a fair price considering…things are still just jacked up here where we live. I also don’t think they will accept it b/c who even accepts an offer the first time?!?!?

I am praying they DO accept it b/c this is their “second home”. WTF?!?!? Who has a huge azz house in a neighborhood as a second house?!?!

Well, I also pray that the accept so we can get on with this and move before we have company coming the weekend of Sept. 10th. 🙂

I wonder how I became so pessimistic? When did I become that naysayer? Who is this person? I used to be so upbeat and optimistic. I would just KNOW things would work out for me. Was it life in general that has beaten me down- or is it IF? Blah.

On the funny side- I dreamed last night that I had to pick which dancing pachyderm was the best for my circus show. 🙂 Seriously. There were about 5 or 6 different elephants doing tricks. I picked the one that had on roller skates and was doing like a hip hop routine.
Weird. There was another part about a “Jumbo Giant”. I apparently knew the “Jumbo Giant” from my childhood (in the dream), and got pissed off and screamed at the crowd for jeering and making fun of the Giant (who apparently had a bag on his head?!?!), and said from there forth he will be known as the “GENTLE GIAAAAAAAAAAAAANT

Okay, so you had to be there in my sleeping head to hear the way I said it. I am still cracking up about it. 🙂

Still waiting. They have 2 hours to counter. blah. I hate this sheot.

OH- PLEASE go over and check on friend Emmy. She is going through some stuff right now and needs lots of love. Thank you so much!!!


12 responses to “Waiting.

  1. I hate the wait. Funny, I tend to have to do that often. Good luck!
    Look at you defending gentle giants in your dreams, that must mean you have a big gentle heart.

  2. Giggling from imaging you screaming GENTLE GIAAAAAAAANT!

  3. fingers crossed that they accept!!

  4. A Few Good Sperm

    Good luck!

  5. Oh, I hope they accept the contract! LOL at the "I just dropped the effin' glass" (that was too funny)

    And the dream-how sweet! GENTLE GIAANT!!

  6. My fingers are crossed so hard for ya that they're turnin' purple. =)

    Your dream made me lol, for sure.

  7. Keeping fingers crossed that things work out with the contract on the house. Hopefully with the least amount of waiting!

  8. Good luck!! I hope they accept your offer!

  9. I hope you get the house and can have a short escrow to get ready for your guests.

    Thank you for all of your support.

    You're awesome.

  10. Contract contract contract!

    (p.s. I gave your blog an award! Stop by my blog to revel in the glory! =) )

  11. Love the dreams! Would love to hear the interpretation to those!!!

    Crossing fingers for the house!

  12. An elephant huh????? LOL…you are crazy!!!!! What did you eat that night?? :o)

    Come on house!!!!!!!!!!!

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