100th post.

I wish that I had good news. I don’t. The people we put in the offer on the house with DID counter, but it wasn’t that much. Blah. So we are countering in the hopes they don’t just throw it out. We are not going above a certain amount, so we shall see what happens.

There are comparable houses like it have been on the market for 9+ months at 30,000 less….this one has been on the market for a little over one week. We shall wait. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I have detached myself from the emotional part of it. I learned that the hard way.

I did find the house we looked at back in February is STILL on the market…making it on the market for a year now. They have come down almost 50,000. Insane huh? It is still overpriced. That is how jacked up the market is still here. I am hating it.

So as you can tell in the title this is my 100th post- crazy huh? I can’t believe I have made it that far in just 8 or 9 months since I have started blogging.

So there have been the typical summer storms flying there here and I have had a crazy migraine off and on all day….so I have not really done much as far as cleaning house. Oh, how I need to. I just can’t get my arse motivated to. I need to clean out my closet. Clean UP my closet. Vacuum, file paper work, etc. blah. I just keep thinking I will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is never coming.

blah. So I was watching WeTV– The show “Hopkins”…b/c they were doing a heart transplant..and they showed the transplanted heart getting shocked back to beating…what an awesome sight….so I go to their website to kill some time.

Take the fertility IQ quiz. BWWWAAAA HAA AHAAA. Discover a neat tidbit of information
Which sexual position makes it easiest to conceive?
A. Woman on top
B. Missionary
C. Standing up
D. It doesn’t matter
Your answer is It doesn’t matter
The correct answer is Missionary
While it is possible to get pregnant in any sexual position, some make it more difficult for sperm to travel upstream.

ooooooohhh. Just thought I would put this out there as a PSA– for all you do-dos that have been having fun in other ways…just do it the old fashioned way and you shall conceive. UGH!!!

Go over give my sweetie pal sweetpeanme some loves. She just..well go check her out to find out for herself. um, if your at work though- turn down your speakers. 🙂 I learned THAT the hard way. 🙂


5 responses to “100th post.

  1. LOL…sorry about the music!!!! I've done that a few times…with the speakers cranked…yikes!

    Praying that your counter will be just what they want!

    As for the cleaning…it definitely can wait til tomorrow. *wink*

    Congrats on the 100th post!!! I've enjoyed reading most of them…maybe I should go back into your archives and see what you blogged about before I knew you existed!!! :o)

  2. I wish conceiving was as easy as sex! I'd stand on my head if that was the case!

    Still hoping for the house!

  3. Still keeping my fingers crossed about the house. You're right to try to protect yourself emotionally about it. It may not happen and that sucks, but you'll be OK. Hugs!!

  4. One Who Understands

    Congrats on your 100th post!!

    We are in CA and the house market is totally crazy. We put bids in on 8 houses before we got ours. It was such an up and down struggle. Tell me how you were able to detach yourself emotionally. I need to learn how to do that.

  5. The last time my MIL came to visit my DH took her out for some Sonic (I was still at work). While they're sitting in the car – trapped – she starts to give him advice on how to get me pregnant, including using only missionary and being sure to put my feet up on the wall! I thought it was sweet and hilarious, but DH is still scarred … he was soooo embarassed to have "the talk" with his mother – at 38, no less.
    Hope they accept your offer! Keepin' my fingers crossed for you!

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