Behind Door Number Two..

Is the second house the Royal Couple put a contract on. OMG– yeah- you read me right. We put a contract on a SECOND house today.

The original one is kaput. They will not come down anymore…and the price is still a good 40,000 (YES, THOUSAND) ABOVE our maximum price. Nope. We just couldn’t justify it.

Our realtor called last PM and said that there is house that we HAVE to look at ASAP. It is priced drastically lower….only 3 years older…a ranch/one floor house…and only 300 sq. feet less that the one we were looking at. Bigger yard, child safety fence around the pool….it needs a little work- paint, some light fixtures put up (that they have in the boxes sitting below bare wires), etc. The sucky part is that there is NO PANTRY. Nada. There is about the same amount of cabinet space as the house we have now…lots more counter space…with a bar area…then there is dead space over to the left of kitchen that really isn’t for anything. I am going to get some cabinets made- pantry area with some drawers by this Amish woodcrafter that my friends have used in the past. Sigh. Hope we get it. 🙂 We shall see.

What else…hum. Can we say that I am over boot camp? I hurt. Not just sore…but physical something is really going wrong pain. My calves, my sciatic nerves, my low back. Not just muscles. I will only go to two next week, then we are going to KY to visit Kingman’s family. Phew. Then it is just one more week after that. I am ready to be done. I am ready to just be effin‘ fat. I think my inner Rue 21 is going to have to embrace my outer Lane Bryant. Ugh.

What else? Kingman is out with a guy friend of his tonight. Trying to get me to come out to watch a band. I love this band, but I honestly don’t feel like it. My tummy hurts. I normally take probiotics and I ran out about a month ago and I think over the last week my body has been hating me for it. I had to start them back today- so hopefully it will start feeling better soon. It takes so long to get back to normal with my bowels from hell..aka IBS. I will never run out again that is for darn sure!

OH- so today I was driving down the road and and saw a pro-life protester…or supporter…whatever you get the drift. He had put out signs on the side of the road every 50 yards or so….the first one said “God Loves You” uh, okay….not used to seeing that in FL- but saw it all the time in AL. Bible belt and all…. the next one said “Your baby has fingernails”

I didn’t see the rest of the signs except the huge sign that said something about not aborting your baby.

I didn’t see the signs b/c my eyes were full of tears. Oh, you are thinking- Was she crying for the unborn that don’t get held by their mothers? Was she crying b/c she can’t have children? Was she crying b/c she missed the tax free weekend?

Nope. They were tears from laughing. Side splitting, gonna pee your pants laughter.

My baby has fingernails. BWWWWAAAA HAAAA HAAAA. Honestly- REALLY!?!? My BABY has fingernails? Funny b/c if my baby has fingernails…then that is ALL it has. I am going to give birth to 10 fingernails and 10 toenails. That is ALL I have.

How does an IF end up with just fingernails? By not being able to pay for the whole cycle in cash, or finance up front.

I know this is morbid- but this is how my mind works. I laugh. Honestly. My baby has fingernails…I still giggle over that.

Kingman just looked at me like I had flipped my lid. Perhaps I have. Who else would laugh hysterically at anti-abortion signs?!?!?


3 responses to “Behind Door Number Two..

  1. Oh dear…I think you may have flipped your lid *wink*…though the way you put it, it is quite humorous!! I always hear commercials on the radio about the "little ears in the backseat" and I turn around and look quite fervently….Nope…no little ears…sorry. *sigh* What has IF done to us???

    YAYYYAY FOR HOUSE!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!!! I'm wondering if God is closing a door and opened this window for you guys!!!

    Boot camp…who needs it? Not worth harming your body!!! But I'm proud of you for sticking it out!

  2. I think my inner Rue 21 is going to have to embrace my outer Lane Bryant.

    Best. Line. Ever.

    I hope everything works out with this house!

  3. Good luck with this house! I can't believe how overprice some people are being right now. Houses around here are dirt cheap but no one will give loans in our county for some reason.

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