Wham bam- thank you ma’am…

Here is a quickie. I just HAD to post this. This just hysterical. This is probably one those women that bed over to pick up the laundry and gets pregnant.
Reminds me of a patient I had this past week….the child was about 13, and I was asking how to spell his name. I couldn’t understand how he talked b/c of a split lip and horrid accent…so I asked him mother.
Me: How do you spell his first name?
DFM(DumbFuckMom): d.e.a.u.s.c.h.a.r.i.v.i.l.a.
Me: uh. Okay. How do you spell the last name?
DFM:F.r.o.. um, f.r.u.l….uh- how do you spell your last name sweetie?
Me: How are you related to him? Legally we can not treat him with a guardian.
DFM: I am his mother, but I have 6 children, and I forgot their last names….well really I just don’t know how to spell them all.
WTF?!?!?!?! REALLLY?!?!?
Okay, I know I have gotten some awards lately- I will get to them. I Promise.
Love you all- have a great weekend if you can.
Nutchell– you out there? You okay?

10 responses to “Wham bam- thank you ma’am…

  1. That is too funny! It takes all kinds to make the world go round!

  2. Oh gosh…people are crazy…good grief!! Thanks for the humor! :o)

  3. omg, which means that woman has 6 kids from 6 different, random guys probably! How do you not know how to spell the kid's last name???

  4. Thanks for the comment…that totally makes sense to me!!! I'm so glad I have a nurse friend…ahhhh… :o)

  5. I just HAD to nominate your lovely blog for a lovely blog award. You're lovely! (Ok, how many times can I say that???)

  6. A Few Good Sperm

    Don't know their last name!?! I just don't know what to say about that. Perhaps she should have given the kids her name since she goes through so many men!

  7. That is hysterical! And I can back you up that shit like that really does happen! I had a 17-year-old ask me once how her baby was coming out. I had to explain to her how she got that way in the first place. Important info her mother (most regrettably, I can only assume, now) left out of her sexual education. *sigh*

  8. Oh my gosh, that's funny! I'm still getting caught up on reading, but good luck on the contract for the house :).

  9. Daaaaamn. That is ROUGH.

  10. LOL! So there were multiple last names to keep straight? I see how that's confusing.

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