A Funny and a Fact.

We went Saturday to see a well known comedian. He was freakin‘ hilarious- as expected. He is a little course- but you know that going in. A couple people got up and left after a few unsavory jokes (you know the ones that are funny, but you feel guilty about laughing at?!?!?)

I just shake my head b/c these people knew what they were getting into when they bought the ticket.

At one point the comedian was saying that being mother is the most wonderful thing….beautiful-growing the child, giving birth..Then up to the school age years and teenage years…etc… He said it was the HARDEST job anyone could ever take on.

Comedian: Motherhood is the hardest job. Can you imagine the job interview? Spread your legs. Blam– easiest job to get in to country. Blam– you pregnant. Easiest job: getting pregnant…Hardest Job: result of pregnancy– PARENTHOOD!!!

He kept talking about how easy it is get pregnant. BLAH! Kingman and I just laughed and shook our heads. Apparently I didn’t bring my #2 pencil to the exam.

I know I am blasting it- but it was pretty funny.

HOUSE: I think that we are actually going to get this one., I am excited…but still a little mmmph. Doesn’t have the huge ass kitchen I want…but I guess that will wait for later. It isn’t like we have a big family or anything. I just want a big kitchen where that is where the action is. A comfy chair to sit in and talk to mom while she cooks dinner. Kids sitting at the bar with the papers spread out doing home work. Playing card games. Sigh. I can’t believe it is really going ot happen. Our saving account is going to be crying soon. Apparently we have to do 10% down….there are some programs out there with no PMI, but the APR is a point and a half higher. Blah….so hard to figure it all out.

Um, if I am not making alot of sense I am currently Brugging. For me today that is blogging after you take an ambien. 🙂 If any one comes up with a better one let me know!

I am going to bed now- we fly out tomorrow to go to KY to visit family (his). I am excited…but am going to be frustrated with the way my PIL picks everything apart. My mother doesn’t interfere with my life. When I showed the MLS listing of the house we are getting..she looked at it and said “when do I move in” (totally is a joke..she wouldn’t)

When my ILs saw it….it was mostly okay…some nitpicking…but I just honestly don’t know that we are serious about it. I am worried we are going to get picked a part this week.

The way I grew up my mother was supportive, but hands off. They were my mistakes to be made and lessons to be learned from. DH’s family is more the protectors- he shouldn’t have to worry about that…we will fix that mistake. etc. you all get it?

In our married life he defers to me on anything electrical. Anything domestic, anything financial (since getting married and I took over the finances we have paid off ALL credit cards and almost done with one of his two Student loans for medical school. 🙂 BUT sometimes it is overwhelming.

I think I might need to stop typing b/c I am not making sense….and the computer screen is kinda wobbly. 🙂 Aaaaaaaa….Time to go to bed.

Um, I know I still haven’t done the awards. I really appreciate it girls- I love the fact that you think I have a lovely blog. It warms me cockles. I will return the favor.



6 responses to “A Funny and a Fact.

  1. My PIL's are the same at picking things apart. I dont think they mean to, they just want the best for there son. Hope you have anice trip anyway
    Take care

  2. Boo for that comedian…its what we're taught though isn't it??? When we're teenagers our parents tell us "Don't have sex! You'll get pregnant!!!!" *sigh* If only it were that easy!!!

    I'm excited about the house!!! Hope you hear for sure soon!!!

  3. Awwwwww…thank you for the extra comment…you made me all teary eyed…you are too wonderful! :o)

  4. Fingers crossed for the house!

    I'm glad you could laugh at the comedian. I know that I couldnt. The years of IF and loss have definitely taken that kind of laughter from me.

  5. Brambling? 🙂

    I hope everything works out with the house (I'm so excited for you!) and with the in-law visit (doesn't sound fun).

    Check in when you get back! Let us know how it all went!

  6. itsazooaroundhere

    How exciting that you will probably get the house! Ours has a small kitchen too, but I comfort myself with thinking about the huge renovation we'll do once we pay off the endless IF bills 🙂

    Your posts totally crack me up. I'm still laughing about "my baby has fingernails"

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