Stress and Vent. Rinse Repeat.

I am back home. Home sweet rental home. I had fun with the extended in-law’s family in the backwoods of Kentucky. Woo hoo. I hate going out of town with no Internet access b/c when I get back I am so overwhelmed with stuff to do.

Not to mention a wee little issue of buying a house. This is maddening. The papers I got from the mortgage company are so convoluted and hard to understand. It has us paying about 10,000 than we thought we would have to. We can’t figure out how they got that number. Kingman worked last night very late, then didn’t get home today until 830pm b/c he had to catch up on what piled up while he was gone. Now he is on call tomorrow. I work Thursday night. Needless to say we never have time talk about this stuff. I need to call and make a new patient appointment with him under a pseudonym just to get time to spend with him when he is not falling asleep in his platter of dinner, or at 2am when neither of us can go back to sleep after he is paged.

I am so scared I going to miss something on a mortgage contract that will cost us. I am scared I will choose the wrong home owner’s insurance.

NOW- today Kingman has been telling me of stuff happening at his work, in his office…..things that could GREATLY affect our life here. Things that honestly could make me not want to live her anymore. He is getting pulled in so many ways, so many responsibilities that he never wanted, and about to heaped on with many more. I just can’t comprehend it. I can’t say anymore about it on here….but let’s just say I am stressed. We have to have the trooper retrieval before we can go forward with IVF. Can fertilize an egg without sperm. Unfortunately I don’t know if he will ever be able to b/c of what is transpiring at work. No traveling for us for a while- or him rather. 🙂

I had a girl’s night out tonight….I was picked at work to coordinate these things (I guess because I am a Lady of Luxury. LOL). I picked a place that MANY people have told me they wanted to go. I gave them three week notice. 8 RSVP’d. One called to reconfirm today…and one showed up. I called 7 other people….I got one single solitary text 40 minutes after it was supposed to start.
Do you even KNOW how bad I wanted to stay at home? Read my book and be here when Kingman got home? But NOOOOOOOOOOO. I had to go make as ASS out of myself “table for 9…uh, make that two.” Ugh. Sucks. I am going to make the next one at McDonalds so I can sit and read a book at least. 🙂

I have an effin‘ staff meeting at 7am. THEN I have a mandatory swine flu meeting. Apparently everyone in a tricounty area here thinks they have the swine flu. OMG PEOPLE. EDUCATE yourselves. Tamiflu only works if you take within the FIRST 48 hours of symptoms. Think about that. Even then- it does not stop it. It helps shorten the duration. Somewhat. Most of the people dying are the infirm, pregnant, children—-people that are more vulnerable to communicable diseases anyways. Another note. Testing for the swine flu is pretty much nonexistent. We test for influenza A and influenza B strains. If you test positive for the Flu A then you may have the swine flu….or not. The only way to tell is a viral culture sent to the state that takes about a week and a half to get the results. The viral mapping takes time. Needless to say when 80%(estimate…it was very high) of the “A”s were testing positive for the swine flu, the state health departments quit testing. Too expensive.
Treat all positive flu As as if they have have the swine flu:

  • Tamiflu as indicated
  • Tylenol/Motrin for fever and pain
  • meds for vomiting if it was really bad
  • supportive therapy (hydration,decongestants)
  • 7 day self quarantine at home
  • Wear mask around all other people
  • return to work after the 7th day AFTER you have been medicine free for 24 hours with no fever.

Needless to say people are not doing this. People WANT to be diagnosed with the piggie flu, but they don’t want to hear what the treatment is. People want to do what they want to do- the rest of the world be damned. People want to think that if they are a 33 year old man with no medical history, a runny nose and a fever, that they are going to end up in the ICU dying from piggie flu.

UGH. Um, sorry. I don’t know where that came from. Oh, I know. After my 7am staff meeting, I then have a mandatory Piggie Flu meeting for the staff of the clinic. I will give you an update if the standard of care has changed. blah.

I have some pretty freakin‘ funny word searches. I just don’t have time to post them tonight. Why post something funny with a stress and vent post? LOL!!!

I have gotten the lovely blog award from a crapload of people. I don’t feel verra lovely right now. I don’t have the energy to copy/paste the graphic. “I’m a loser baaaaby, so why doncha kill me?” No I am not suicidal- I do not have a plan. 🙂 That is for all my nurse friends. hee hee.

A shout out to the first person to tell me what song that quote is from…and who sings it? I want to find that song and download it.

Nite nite.

I will send out the search party for the witty Baby Making Traveler…she has left the building. On a broom. With wine and a good book to parts unknown.


7 responses to “Stress and Vent. Rinse Repeat.

  1. Beck – Loser 🙂

    I hear you on the pain of dealing with Swine flu idiocy, I swear so many people are using it as an excuse to have a week off work and those that do have it are infecting others through complete and utter ignorance. I'm so very glad I'm not working at the moment, it's a hell fo a time to be working in HR and dealing with all that!

  2. Hang in there! You've got a lot on your plate – but it will work out 🙂 Just take it one day at a time.

  3. I'm sorry things are not going as planned. 😦 Crossing my fingers that things work out for the trooper retrieval as well as work and the house. (For the house, has your realtor talked to you about the mortgage contract to help you understand.)

  4. Ugh, you sound so stressed out right now! I hope things calm down soon and that your mortgage troubles are all cleared up.

    Sounds like you need another vacation 🙂

  5. OMG, you have so many stresses on you right now! I am so sorry!

    If there is anything I can do, just shout it out!

    HUGS- I'm here to listen (now), so anytime.

  6. One Who Understands

    Oh Serendipity won. I was going to say the same. Welcome back for vaca. I hate having to catch up after mising a week. Why take the vaca when you will have to work 10x as hard the week after?!? Hate that.

  7. HCA is mandating that all employees are to receive the swine flu vax. Being preggo, I didn't think we were supposed to take live vaccines, but my OB said I absolutely needed to. Ok, I said. What about the association with Guillian/Barret syndrome? I'm not sure if that's spelled correctly, but it's an auto-immune disorder, you know? Still no answer.

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