Finally *updated*

I thought I would throw this one out for Mel’s Show and Tell. Please Step on over and see what the rest of the class is sharing!!!
Show and Tell

This is my well earned glass of wine I have been craving since lunch. I have been elbows deep in learning about doc stamps, origination fees, buying points, FHA vs Conventional, etc. etc. I have to get the quotes, understand them…and pass the info onto Kingman at 930pm. I have to try and get him to understand what I barely understand. It is maddening to me. I understand in my brain…but I just can’t get it out. Thank goodness I never desired to become a teacher.

I am toasting lots of people….to name a few

1. My IRL that just got “relocated” from her job b/c of a pissy doctor. Bottoms up for the great attitude and positive outlook

2. Sweetpeanme for her awesome second beta, unwavering faith in God, and kickass idea on how to tell her parents about the pregnancy. (um, did I put God and Kickass in the same sentence…TWICE?!?!) LOL.

3. Murgdan for her upcoming FET. She is punching her card for good luck…she has had three good things happen so far…I personally say a four leaf clover has FOUR leaves right?!?! I think the fourth will be the FET.

4. Mel for pretty much rockin‘ the house down. Check out her latest adventure for us.(CLICK HERE) Where does this chick find the time?!? I want her DeLorean keys please!!!

5. TO YOU!!! You who (whom?) are reading this…another glass to those that comment and give me some tangible loves. πŸ™‚ (well, touch the screen tangible…guess that isn’t really tangible..humm…how many people have a toasted?)


Forgot to give a SHOUT OUT to Serendipity for correctly guessing my song lyrics!! Thank you. I had been singing it for several days…until a different one popping into my head……”She’s-a like a baby..I’m-a like a cat- when we’re happy we BOTH get fat” Hee hee. I do know who sings that one- do you?

And to all a Good Night.


10 responses to “Finally *updated*

  1. CHEERS!!!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  2. Have one for me!
    Make that two! πŸ˜‰

  3. haha


    Wine for everyone!

  4. Don't tell anyone, but I had some sangria tonight… CHEERS!

  5. Clinking my glass to yours hon!!! Thanks for the virtual shout-out!

  6. areyoukiddingme


  7. I'm glad you indulged :). I also had a glass (or two) last night. It's been forever….and it was so good!

  8. Cheers! To You. To Us.

  9. Parenthood For Me

    That is one of my favorite songs!

  10. cheers! I'm glad you finally got your well-deserved glass of wine!

    (I know I'm late, but better late than never!)

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