It is 5pm Somewhere.

It is 145pm CST. Is it too early to crack open a bottle of wine?

I have been on the phone all morning with my real estate agent, mortgage people, husband, etc. Trying to figure what is the best deal for us. Getting different stories as to what we can and can’t do with the money from the seller. Points, fees…my head it spinning. I just hate things like this, and not KNOWING you might be getting buggered b/c you don’t know what the heck the papers you are signing are really saying. Ugh.

I have been holding my stupid skinny land line for long today my pinkie finger is numb. Or maybe I am having a stroke. Who the heck knows. I am honestly to busy to care. So what do I do?


I am eating my lunch- seriously considering pouring a glass of wine. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I have to meet a lender at 3pm.

Okay…I wanted to share some of my google analytic results for searches. I was inspired to do this by Murgdan– who is the Top Chef of Keyword Salads.

Amish Baby Making

This means that you have to cancel your electrical service, telephone, cable. Go milk a cow, and ride a horse to work…or rather save that horse and ride a cowboy.

Baby Making with Mexican Sperms with Candles

Do they have to be Mexican candles? Maybe the ones they sell in the grocery stores near the Mexican food?

How 2 Have a Panic Attack.

Why the H-LL would anyone want one? I really wonder if this person followed my recipe?

Making of a baby giant with infertility blogs.

I think there are a lot of things IF support through blogs can do..but help you get into the Guinness book of World Records for a giant baby is probably not one of them.

Mush after HSG

This is just gross. I don’t know if I would call it mush.

Step by step how baby making works with video

I obviously have so much success with the baby making that I could make a video. Obviously it has worked so well for us. I do have to wonder if they found what they were looking for b/c they stayed on my website for quite a while. πŸ™‚

How to abort an ugly baby

I have no words for this one. okay- maybe a few….I am sending bad juju out to the googler whose fingers typed those letters.

Making babyes with Amish bread mix sexual

okay, are they trying to bake a baby? Do they want to use it instead of KY? Let the world know, that would probably result in the WORST vaginal yeast infection ever. I just don’t understand the last word. ?!?

There are some darn crazy people out there in the world. πŸ™‚

update on the flu thing…our clinic(and most others) are not doing rapid flu tests (take 15 minutes). All flu nasal swabs are sent to the labs that is covered by their insurance. The costs of these test range from 250 to 380 dollars (labcorp and quest respectively). These are NOT the swine flu test- just a PCR to test for influenza A and B. The only place to get a swine flu test is at the from the state. So they say. ugh. What does this mean? We can only diagnose with “Flu like Symptoms” We can not diagnose flu. We recommend the same time off of work (7 days or 24 hours without fever/whichever is longer) It is insane. If there is one person in the building with cough,sore throat or fever we are supposed to make everyone wear a mask. Everyone. All patients. We even have pediatric masks. Of course they don’t give a shit if the staff has masks on or not. We are supposed to have a separate waiting room for them- we obviously don’t. We have signs posted that say “Sit on this side of the lobby if you have sore throat, cough, and fever”. “Sit on this side if you are here for an injury or business health”

It is August. August people- not even anywhere close to flu season. My husband and I have decided that I am pretty much going to quit if I do the IVF in January- as I will be super high risk to catch it at the clinic. Ugh.

Okay, off to meet with another loan company. Gotta shop around for the best deal right?

Maybe a shot of wine isn’t that bad…….


4 responses to “It is 5pm Somewhere.

  1. Have a little wine girl. Its so great to have you back!!!!!!!!!!! YAAYYAYAYAY!!!!!!!

    I know what you mean about the whole house thing…it is quite stressful…all that paperwork…its like…what am I getting myself into???

    I totally agree with you quitting after IVF!!!!! I've been wondering if I should quit teaching!! (Snotty nosed Kindergarteners…yikes!!) Ah..but no can do. *sigh* Maybe I'll wear a mask around….do you think that'd fly? :o)

  2. lol! I love word salad!!

  3. You know, growing up in SW Louisiana, I never heard of waiting for 5 o'clock to drink until I moved out of state. It was always noon – "Is it noon yet, because I could really use a beer!". Unless you were in New Orleans, then anytime is the right time :).

    Those are some weird search terms. Seriously. I've read Murgdan's keyword salad so many times that I get paranoid any time I type anything into google now :). Because you know, us IF'ers google some weird stuff. (I mean, not as weird as Amish sexual baby bread…)

  4. From an Irish girl- it's always noon somewhere! Who needs to wait for 5pm!

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