Happy Hurricane Season ICLW!!!

YEAH! It is time for ICLW.
I love this time to find new blogs, and comment and show some luv. This is one of the best parts of blogging fellowship! GO DO IT NOW!!!!

I am doing this post as a little introduction/refresher of ME! (um, some is copied as pasted from last month, so if you think this first part sounds familiar…..it is!!)

I am glad you are here. This blog has become a lifeline for me. Not just b/c of IF related issues, but other problems too. I have made really awesome friends with just a keyboard, computer screen and magic. I still don’t understand the whole Internet thing and how it really works. Kind of like the Matrix. Seriously- who REALLY understands how 1s and 0s could be a whole alternate reality?!?!? LOL!!!

Here is a little about me.
I am 30-something with a 30-something DH(Kingman).
Married for almost 2 years, and TTC for a year and half (wow, had to change that…crap time is flying).
My ailments including, but not limited to: endometriosis, cysts (but NOT PCOS based on labs), ‘incompetent’/friable/dynamic cervix, IBS, Hypertension, overweight, migraines, polycystic kidneys, neurogenic bladder with frequent UTIs and cystitis- I actually self cathed two times a week for 6 months in 2005…. ANYTHING ELSE??? All are currently under control and not causing me any problems. I take only one RX for hypertension. The rest is controlled with diet/exercise/environmental restrictions/herbs. I try not to do the medication thing. I am a wannabe organic nut that ends up putting plastic in the microwave.

My DH(King.man): Pr.u.ne Be.l.l.y S.yndrome. Read about that HERE. He doesn’t have the duct work for the troopers to get out, thus he has Azoospermia/anejactulation– his troops are MIA…b/c the road to freedom has was never made!!
Our timeline is to the right. 🙂
We have had a lot of testing- including one great normal cycle with normal labs for me(but I have had a history of 40+ day cycles, but the levels where fine)…and normal labs for King.man, but abnormal ultrasound of male duct work.

We JUST got back the results of his cystic fibrosis carrier status. It was NEGATIVE!! WOOO HOO. I literally found this out today. In the mail. Honestly- who sends stuff like that in mail these days? LOL!! Now we get the sperm retrieval (POW rescue) on the books…and then cycle after that.
We have not cycled at all- IVF with ICSI is our only hope.
I am back on BCPs b/c of crazy ass periods and horrible pain from the endo.
We have recently decided to cycle in Jan, 2010 because our flexible spending account will reset and we will have an automatic 4,000. Our FSA for 2009 will be way past over after the POW retrieval b/c it in and of itself is around 5,000 +/- 500. You get the idea.

That is US!

Random facts about me:
1. We are buying our first home together currently. (I bought one in 2004..sold in 2007- it was 105% financed.)
2. I have now realized WHY our country got in this financial crisis. My eyes are opened. I am pissed. I have learned more about mortgage lending, homeowners, etc. Than I ever dreamed possible. I didn’t realize how naive I was in 2004. Home ownership is a privilege– not a right.
3. I could possibly become an alcoholic after this house buying process. I don’t know how I am going to get through my 2ww without alcohol. A good book will be detrimental.
4. I am too cheap to take my husband’s work clothes to the cleaners. I almost cried tears of joy when he decided to start wearing hospital issued polo shirts. No ironing. THERE IS A GOD!
5. I am a hoarder. I hoard money. :)..and books. LOL. Not TLC documentary hoarding though.
6. I used to have a LOT of debt from various things(a major thing was credit cards, poor choices and lots from a user ex-boyfriend). 90% of my salary in the last 2 years has gone to pay it off. Now I am paying on my husband’s student loans. I WILL to be debt free one day.

Thank you for stopping by and making it this far.


4 responses to “Happy Hurricane Season ICLW!!!

  1. I was already a reader before ICLW, but it just gives me one more reason to stalk your blog ;-). I love your honesty and writing style. I look forward to reading even more.

  2. Cant believe it is ICLW already!
    So pleased to hear the news about DH, its great that the cystic fibrosis test is negative! Woo-hoo!!!

  3. Good Lord, woman! I knew of your IF struggles….but I guess I didn't really KNOW, you know? =) You and DH are total troopers!

    Who knows? With any luck, we may be cycling together in January (lofty goals, on my end).

    Happy ICLW!

  4. ICLW has made me a new follower of your blog. Good luck

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