Orphanage Mission Trip

If you are for ICLW Please click HERE to check out my ICLW introduction post

Not me- 🙂 I wish, but no.

One of my best friends from college is currently in Kiev- they are going on to Zaporozhye to the orphanage. I beg of you you to check out their blog. It is not IF related per se, but they are going to visiting with children that are adopt ready- papers in hand. Jami will one day adopt- and I wouldn’t be surprised if she came home bonded to a child. Aimee (the other girl that is going) has already adopted, but from another country- not Zaporozhye .

ANYWOO. They landed safely this morning according to Jami’s Facebook update…..they are going to be updating soon with pictures and stories of these children.


I can 100% vouch for my friend- I met her in Algebra 101. 🙂 um, and then got to be BETTER friends with her in Algebra 101 the SECOND time. LOL!!!


CLICK OVER THERE NOW. or else……hee hee hee.


4 responses to “Orphanage Mission Trip

  1. clicking over…

  2. Thanks for the link…checking it out now!

  3. Thanks for the link!

    Happy ICLW.

  4. …thanks for the link!!

    Good Luck to you! And hope your debt goes to zero fast!


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