A friend of mine lost her father today. She also works with my husband (kind of FOR my husband, actually)…but she was my friend first. She actually got the job with my DH and he and I didn’t realize it…she didn’t want to get the job b/c she knew us.

She is just that good.

I work with her mother. This is so sad.

He was diagnosed around the end of May with melanoma. He went THIS quick. From healthy, happy, unaware….to gone. It is just so tragic. Senseless. Sad.

She is getting married next year. I just can’t stop crying over it. I only met the man twice, but I am just so torn up over this (hormones?).

I think part of it is fear. I am light skinned, freckled, have had major sunburns growing up (uh, baby oil and iodine anyone?). I go to a dermatologist yearly- but I still get frightened. I wear spf 55 everyday on my face, and at least 35 on my body. Everyday…..well, okay- I try to. I wear it probably 80% of the time. I must do better.

My derm. said it is not a matter of IF I get skin cancer…it is WHEN.

I should have married a dermatologist. 🙂

CHECK YOURSELF. Check the backs of your legs…check your lower back. Check your butt. Go to a dermatologist. This is PREVENTABLE!!!!! Wear sunscreen. Wear SPF sunglasses. Who cares if you look a little pale- you will be alive.

Melanoma killed my friend’s father. From diagnosis to death- 3 months.

He thought it was a freckle.

Get yourself checked.

I love you all to much to lose you.

11 responses to “Sad

  1. Oh my goodness. Melanoma scares the SHIT out of me. Like you, I'm light-skinned with tons of moles and freckles (so is my fiance!). I come from pale-ass, red-headed Irish blood, and many of my family members have had pre-cancerous lesions removed.

    We're going to Aruba for our honeymoon, and I already have the SPF 100 packed (seriously, SPF 100).

    Scary scary scary.

    I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. And so close to her wedding. =( So tragic and sad.

  2. I'm also light skinned and freckled. I plan on seeing a dermatologist soon. My parents both just went and had some spots checked out, so I know I better get in their quick too. Thanks for the reminder. Good luck to you! So sorry about your friend.


  3. So sad, it hurts so much to see pain, suffering, those who pass and those who remain behind.

    Though I have dark hair and meduim skin….I have been to the dermo. Have these freaky things on my torso, officially termed halo nevi (plural of nevus). I need to be better about getting an exam every year.

    I too had some serious burns though not aided by baby oil 🙂

    sending you hugs during this difficult times. My thoughts are with you and his family.

  4. One Who Understands

    Oh that is so sad. My DH's cousin died of melanoma 2 yrs ago. She was 33 and left behind 3 children. Both DH and I are very fair. It is such a scary reality. ((HUGS))

  5. Oh that is so sad!!!!! I am light skinned and freckly too…that is just so scary!!!!!!!

    I need to start wearing sunscreen everyday…not something you want to mess around with!

  6. Another fair skin freckled girl here. I go in for the yearly cheek spreading (which I hate) but what do I know about what could be suspicious and what isn't? It scares the bajesus out of me. I'm not the greatest about winter sunblocking. I'll work on it.

  7. I just had a panic attack that I forgot to say I was sorry about your friend's dad before I hit send. If I didn't I am, if I did I'll say it twice. I'm sorry for her loss and yours.

  8. Wow, that is just so sad. My heart goes out to your friend.

    Thanks for the timely reminder. I've been putting off making my yearly derm appointment for too long now. I'll be calling them soon.

  9. I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. Losing a parent is SO hard.

    I've never been to a dermatologist, and I really should go. I'm fairly fair and freckled. I'll see if I can find one in my insurance plan! Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Last year, 2 freckles "fell off". I freaked out. I'm Irish by heritage with dark hair and very light skin. Nice combo for skin cancer. I saw the dermatologist and everything was fine. The freckles actually came back. He said "it happens" but I felt better getting a good check and also going over habits. It definitely made me more aware of what we should be doing!

  11. OH, I am sorry for the loss. It is really tragic. I am like you, fair skinned and when I was younger I used to lather myself up in baby oil and literally bake myself in the sun. Stupid. Rest assured, I get checked all the time and have since learned the value of sunblock.

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