Double Shit.

Okay, those that read the last post- THANK YOU!!! I am so thankful of all your encouraging words…sweet words…and support. That is so very sweet of you all.

I am surprised at how many fair skinned, blue eyed people are out there!! 🙂

My friend is doing as would be expected. The viewing was last night- well, it was more a wake b/c the casket was closed. (Phew) The graveside service/burial was today- and boy was it a doozy day for it. I didn’t go b/c I was working, but it was a soaker here today. The sky was crying.

Okay. So I get a phone call from my sister and she left a voicemail “call me as soon as you get a minute”. Crap. The last time she did this I do believe she was pregnant…given that she has had a tubal/way past having children/etc. I really didn’t think that is what it was.

I call, and she tells me to check my email b/c she can’t talk about it b/c the kids are nearby.

I check my email. In it she prefaces with “Don’t Tell ANYONE in the family yet what I am about to tell you” Humm..

Then she tells me she needs me to meet her in Rochester, MN b/c she has to go to the Mayo Clinic b/c she has been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma.


She doesn’t want me to tell my mom/bros/etc. b/c we are still reeling from my aunt getting diagnosed with metastatic (I assume) cancer.

Personally I wish she would tell my mom- but I will respect her wishes. She has a consult on the 10th of Sept, and removal scheduled for the 11th. Okay- so for those in the know…I have people coming in from out of state for a beach weekend/beer festival that weekend. I also am supposed to be closing on my house on Sept. 15th.

She told me if I can’t come, that she would go ahead and tell Mom, and she if she can come up. I am NOT going to do that b/c I don’t care if it was my freaking wedding. I would postpone it to go be with my sister. I can see my friends another time. This is my SISTER!!!

As far as my house- my husband can sign the papers himself if for some reason I get stuck up there. I don’t care. That is only a house- This is my SISTER!

I have to talk it over with Kingman– check out the work situation, and get a ticket.

Her husband is having to stay with the kids in their home town (7 or so hours from the Mayo Clinic) The people they were thinking of watching the kids/dog/cat are going to Alaska for 2 weeks.

Sigh. What complicates matters is that my mother was going to come down for the beer festival…um. I can’t just disappear for the weekend when my mom KNOWS I have people (and HER) coming into town. Duh. Then I would HAVE to tell her regardless.

I just have to find out now if she is coming down…my mom I mean…

For the 3 that know me IRL– YOU DON’T KNOW ANY OF THIS!!

I am so tired (have slept about 3-4 hours) a night for the last week for various reasons (mainly stress, and heat lightening at 2am)…and I am exhausted

Work sucked today. 14 people waiting when we opened to the door. Two nurses out because of the flu. One quit.

I am ambivalent about the upcoming H1N1 vaccine. Scared of Guillian-Barre- three shots is a lot of shots to get….

Scared shitless of skin cancer- this is my SISTER!!!

Now i have to go to a Krewe meeting for our upcoming CANCER WALK (which I have raised about 400 bucks for thank you very much! :).

I just hope I don’t cry.


Wear your damn sunscreen. I don’t care if it is February. For cripes sake JUST DO IT! I will breakdown if one more person in my life get cancer.

🙂 ❤


16 responses to “Double Shit.

  1. I am so sorry about your sister! I will keep her in my prayers.

  2. itsazooaroundhere

    Oh my god, you poor thing. I'm so sorry about the news from your sister, and the bind about getting there w/o the rest of the family finding out. Wow. She is so lucky to have you. I'll send a million positive thoughts that it all gets taken care of and she is fine.

    Thinking of you!

  3. That is absolutely crazy!!! I about to call up my dermatologist for a full body scan!!!!!!

    So glad you're going to be with your sister…what a great sis you are!!!

  4. Oh, sweetie, I'm so, so very sorry that your sister has cancer. I was able to infer that it's a skin cancer – does it have a good prognosis for recovery and a good chance of non-reoccurrence? I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Nothing comes between me and my sisters, either.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis. I've dealt with basal cell twice. My derm said that if you have to get skin cancer, that basal cell is the one you want to get.

    The removal is fairly standard; they will likely recommend the MOHS procedure (so you can read up on that).

    Good luck and my prayers are with you and yours.

  6. Wow, this is a lot to handle in such a short time. My heart goes out to you, your sister, your family, and your friend's family. And I do wear sunscreen all the time for this reason.


  7. Holy crap! After I read your last post I did an online search for a light weight year round lotion, I use the thick stuff in the summer, I'm going to search harder and find some. Another thing I need to find is a scalp SPF, with alopecia I'm really thin so my scalp can burn easily. (Redhead, freckled, blued eyed = sun is my enemy only I didn't realize that until 10 years ago.)

    Sorry for the ramble, your posts are just kicking me in the butt to be more vigilant. I'm calling for my early once over by the derm in the AM.

    I truly hope everything works out for your sister. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts.

  8. Oh wow, that's so horrible! I'm so glad you can go be with your sister – what a huge comfort that must be to her. I'll be praying that everything goes well on the 11th.

  9. Oh, sweetie, I cannot believe all this! I really hope your sister is okay. She is very lucky to have such a loving, devoted sister to be there with her. My sister and I don't have that kind of relationship…to say the least.

    Your in my thoughts all the time!

  10. A Few Good Sperm

    I'm so sorry.

    I too am fair skinned, blonde, and blue eyed. I have lots of moles and freckles. I am going to call my dermatologist for an exam today!! I've never been checked for anything but acne, but I've been thinking about it for some time, and this is a good reminder to go.

    I will keep you and your sister in my thoughts.

  11. Somewhat Ordinary

    Just wanting to send you my love and let you know I'm thinking of you and you family.

  12. oh geez….no words are enough, but I am so sorry. praying that this is caught early and that all will be well. Hang in there, we are praying.

  13. OMG! I can't believe the week you're having! I'm so, so, sorry. I hope all goes well with your sister and everything is caught and removed quickly and completely. I'm so glad you'll be able to be with her. Ya'll will be in my thoughts!

  14. One Who Understands

    WTF is right!!! Oh you poor thing. Oh and your sister. Will be keeping both of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Awww- Thank you all!! You guys really brighten my day!!! <#

  16. I'm so sorry about your sister! I hope things go well for her. As far as the H1N1 vax, us healthcare workers are supposed to be the front runners to receive it. Right after preggos and children. My doc (OB) said that the risk of GB goes down if you get the flu vax and the H1N1 3 or more weeks apart. Good luck

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