Oh yeah…

Please read my next post to….this FAIL goes withthe two previous posts….LOL!!!! (well, if you have followed be for a while you will know why. 🙂 Glug, glug, glug…
fail owned pwned pictures

Picture by: Jeffrey L Shipley. Submitted by: Pulpsman via Fail Uploader


4 responses to “Oh yeah…

  1. Really? Is that all I need to be happy? 😉 LOL

  2. I'll drink to that! Hilarious!

  3. *Clink* Cheers!

  4. thanks for the giggle! I needed it (and it looks like you did too). I hope that your sister is ok and that you will be able to work things out with getting to be with her.

    Sending prayers and good thoughts!!

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