Quick Bullets

  • I have purged all of my old clothes. I had friends come over and pick through them and take what they wanted. It feels so good to have those out of my house. I am now left with 2 pairs of jeans, 2 Capris, 3 shorts. I had a sofa/love seat/recliner, and three over door hangers full of clothes. I know realize why I never had anything to wear- none of it fit.
  • It was very depressing to hold up my ‘clubbing’ black low cut skinny pants…and realize the waist now goes around one thigh. Sigh.
  • My car has been in the shop going on the third day. EGD valve replacement, spark plugs,motor mounts, timing belt, water pump, oil change…what else? I have been doing really well with minor upkeep- but apparently got some dirty gas…and never got the belt changed. It is recommended to change the timing belt at 105,000 miles…I currently have 154,000. Ooops. I had to call about 6 different places (in 3 different states) that I have had my car worked on b/c I didn’t keep good records of what was done when. STUPID!!!!
  • When I dropped my husband off at work yesterday, I noticed that his Jeep was 800 miles overdue for an oil change…….the last one was 11/01/08. o.m.g. Low miles b/c he only drives to work and back.
  • During oil change show me his serpentine belt is dried out,cracked and fraying. Pretty much about to break any second. I got new tires for him in January…but they are feathering b/c apparently the shocks are bad. I didn’t replace those right now. I did get a coolant flush since who knows when he last had one.
  • I am flying out on Sunday from ATL..have to drive up to to my mom’s.

I will be out of the blogoloop until the 14th/15th or so- I am going to be with family up in MN busy as a bee! I will be able to read your posts on my blackberry, but I haven’t found a good way to comment on them. I will keep up to date and praying for all my friends. 🙂



8 responses to “Quick Bullets

  1. have a nice trip, we will miss you 🙂

  2. Have a great time, Miss Lorza!

    Car issues are THE WORST!

    And I'm very impressed by your clothes-purging skillz. I need to do something very similar (50 pairs of pants? What am I thinking?).

  3. Hope you enjoy your trip 🙂

  4. The joys of cars… It drives me nuts to keep them squared away. speaking of… I should make sure hubby is keeping up with his oil changes!

  5. Enjoy your trip!

    A funny car thing I did once, I had a Jeep my dad gave me and it started out at 35K miles, about two years later I was around 55 or 60K and my dad asked me where I got the oil changed. Hmm..oil needs to be changed? He wanted to kill me! But it still ran!

  6. Good for you for gettin' 'er done – sorting through old clothes, fixing the car – I salute you! Have a wonderful time!

  7. Have a great trip! I love sorting, purging and downsizing. Makes me feel organized!

  8. Have a great trip!
    I need to purge my old clothes too but it makes me sad.

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