Its All Good

Tapping out BB whilst sis and mom snooze.

Mohs performed- all clear with one go. She is great- just sore.

We all have napping a lot

Hit Ikea today. 😉 Mall of America tomorrow.

Praying for family/friends of victims of 9/11.

I am proud to be an american.


3 responses to “Its All Good

  1. Glad to hear things are going well. Sounds like you are having some good girl time!

    I'm gonna head to IKEA today too…have you seen that commercial for the bed where the couple is talking about the bed's "stats"? I really want the picture that is hanging above the bed…the really big tulip one. I have this HUGE wall in my LR that has had nothing on it for 2 years. Time to change that!!

    Thinkin' about you!

  2. Getting it all in one cut is fantastic! This means that the cancer was very small and that they caught it really early! Great news!

    The least I've had is two (the doctor told me that's pretty common). My first skin cancer surgery took four cuts. It was terrible – they had to give me more anesthetic and I ripped the rubber off the surgical chair. (LOL).

  3. itsazooaroundhere

    Glad that your sister is doing well, and that you are getting visiting time with her and your mom. Safe travels!

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