Checked out.

I am sorry I have checked out of the blog world. I am resigned to pretty much emails pushed to my blackberry. Every once in a while I will risk turning on my computer (it is dying), or *gasp* sneak time on my husband’s home work computer.

He has it to do video phone medicine with nearby hospitals (that do not have his specialty accessible). SOOOOO…goodness forbid anything but work is done on it. I totally understand not googling porn or playing RPG games, but email?? Blogging??? I think those are pretty benign, but he doesn’t. Since it IS his computer and all…..I must bow down to the Kingman. 🙂

Okay…this is getting long typing out on my blackberry…;) I am a wimp.

WE BOUGHT THE HOUSE!!!! I am standing in the kitchen smelling the scent of a self cleaning oven,,(oh yeah!). I just came to the realization how fucking big 2700 sq feet is. Much bigger than 1500 which we are in now…..or 1210 of my first house. I think I am going to pick up extra shifts just to pay someone o come clean this behemoth!!!

What else?
¤ I thought I had the flu, but is was really bad sinusitis/bronchitis. I am pissed it wasn’t b/c I still might catch it, and I was/am pretty sick.
¤Kingman forgot to transfer money from savings (ING) in time to get a cashiers check drawn out for closing
¤We were 2735.65 short on closing. We emptied out our checking accounts. Prayed nothing bounced.
¤Spent first night as home owners in a hotel b/c the fuckin’ smoke detector in our rental would not stop chirping
¤ the first set of keys to our house didn’t work. We walked around trying all the doors and found our back door was open.
¤The hemorrhage of money as home owners is starting. Security alarm, pool, gutters, lawn, cleaning crew(to me a necessity since I am the only one cleaning),pest control. Phew.

Granted some of those are elective (pest/pool/lawn) but Kingman contributes 2% (towels/clothes in hamper and shower squeeged after each shower) to the upkeep of our current rental. I am not thinking that he will change his spots.

WHAT ELSE?!?! Oh right before I left I dropped all my saved up computer money on my car. Timing belt,spark plugs, EGD valves, ignition coils, tires rotated and balanced.

Phew. Must go exercise my thumbs.

Oh!! I can’t (don’t know how) to hyper link on my bb, but go to my side bar and go see a few people….
~NoSwimmers had Blake!! He is a doll!!
~Chell(nutchell/our twins) is still at home and in the 30 weeks now!! Woooo hoooo!!! (Hugs sweetie)
~Murgdan (conceive this) is waiting till her next US!!! OMG!!!
~Jendeis(spelled wrong-aka Sell Crazy) needs some hugs and love. DIUI is not what we wanted!
~MommyWannabe(Gonna be)- had her peas ultrasounded (? Is this a word) And doing good-she need some input on buying big ticket items for multiples.
~Mr. Ivf and Mrs. IVF (can’t remember the blog name) just had an awesome ET and fert. Report!!!! Now we just need some great biopsy results for transfer in a few weeks…

Okay,that is all for now….I am thinking of all of you, and I am keeping up with you all on my RSS feed via Viigo on my BB. Just hard to comment. I am laughing, groaning, crying, cheering, sighing, giggling, and praying for you all. I am still here!!!



6 responses to “Checked out.

  1. Somewhat Ordinary

    Congrats on the house! It sounds great!

  2. Hey girl, miss you and thanks for the love! (You spelled my name right, yay you!)

    Congrats on the house! Can't wait to hear what you're doing with the place. 🙂

  3. I was wondering where you'd been!

    Congratulations on the house!! The bleed of money does begin now. We are doing most of the stuff on our house ourselves. In fact, as I type, I am can see my BIL out the window painting the outside of our house! I hope kingman snaps into gear and takes pride in working on your house! My husband does a lot more around our house then he did our rental!

    I hope you figure the computer situation out. Oh! My husband saw an ad for a $70 laptop. It's a piece of crap, but fine for internet. I'll get the info from him and send you the web site!

  4. Awesome news on the house. Congrats!!!!

  5. Congratulations on your huge new house! You've been missed. 😉

  6. Congratulations on your huge new house! Hope you'll be very happy in your new space and that Kingman will start stepping up. Bummer about the money and your checking account, but hopefully that's only temporary. You've been missed. 😉

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