As to what I am doing?!?! THIS!!!! Arch. 😉 other than that life is mundane.

As I was picking up the paint the salesman was pushing semigloss for the bedrooms b/c it is easier to clean for my kids.

ME: “That isn’t an issue at the present.”

HIM: “you just never know though. Now that you have house the unthinkable will happen. POOF. Bet you get pregnant you first night! Be careful.!” (Unthinkable really??? I think it should be Omniprest thinkable…or uberthinkable…)

ME: “Eggshell finish please” (while realizing the irony of buying EGGSHELL didn’t escape at that moment)

HIM “Did I say something wrong?”

ME: “Little bit of advice for the future- just don’t say things like that to a woman. It can come across rude and hurtful.”

HIM: ooooo-so you have to do that IVP thing?” (Yes, I am going to have my kidney’s tested for stones to get pregnant)

ME: *blink. blink**….staring at paint wishing it would explode all over him and go up his nose.

HIM: mmmm’kay. Here’s your paint. I guess everything works out the way God wants it to huh. Have a nice day.

ME: *snatching paint* ” Thank you for your help and assvise. You just convinced me to go to Hom Dept.”

I perhaps should have taken the high road….but he just KEPT ON. In the middle of Lowe’s. Really. I shall boycott Lowe’s for a while. I felt like an idiot though b/c I then had to stand in a really long line to check out. Karma is a Bitch!

Have a great assvice-less day my lovelies.

4 responses to “Curious?

  1. HO.LY Shite! Really? What an ass. He needs to learn how to shut his pie hole.

  2. One Who Understands

    I would have been much more unkind! What a jerk! I love it when perfect strangers give me advice like that. Thank you for recommending the bigger car, the easier to clean paint, the kid proof fabric for my new couch. Morons!

  3. How awful. He's already clumsily deduced that you're having trouble, and he says that things work out the way God want's them to? He probably didn't mean it the way it came out, but how insensitive!

  4. OMG. What a jerk! I would totally complain and never shop at Lowes again. Heck, I want to go to Home Depot now! (well, actually, I go to our local hardware store whenever possible, but you know what I mean!)

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