Typing on a real keyboard- on my blog. I don’t even know what to say! 🙂 I am going to start off with – Thank you to all of you that are sticking around during my blog hiatus. I have a family/friends blog that I haven’t updated in over a month- I feel really guilty about that one.

Sign. It is just so hard when you think “this is the time my computer might not boot up..if it does, it might just die at any second.” Emmy- thank you for the computer suggestion, but I am going to just keep trucking along with this one…..and saving money for THIS. I don’t ask for much do I?

I am currently working hard at painting a really peach room. It is funny when you move into a house and discover things- like a collage of pictures of a dad with a kid.(this is from the seller- we told him they were there at closing, and he didn’t really seem concerned) You see find boogers wiped under counters. (this is what instigated the 8 hours cleaning frenzy….ewwwwww)

The peach room needed to be primed b/c it was such a bright peach color. Kinda like sherbet…and no NOT THIS SHERBERThe is altogether much more cute….

Congrats NoSwimmers– I am so happy for you.

I must go to sleep now. I have been web surfing just a little too much, and forgot about blogging. 🙂 Sorry all my loyal fans.

Here is your daily EWWWWWW: The guy that came and cleaned out my gutters today said it had been so long since they were cleaned out they leaves had composted into DIRT in the gutters. There were also roofing nails and bits of old shingles in the bottom layer. Seems like it hadn’t been cleaned out since the new roof was put on after a huge Hurricane in 2005. GEEEZ. I hope that other parts of this house are not neglected and we didn’t see it.

Must go to bed. That cup of tea was not the best idea ever. Kinda caffeinated.

I am off to the cozy bed, with a husband that is on call….and has been paged 6 times since 8pm. I think it is going to be a long night.

He just came out and said “You can’t fix Stupid” “You also can’t ARGUE with stupid”

mmmkay. I don’t know what happened to cause him to come out of the bedroom in his skivvies to stare at me running his hands through his porcupine hair while saying that.

ARGH!!!!” Went back in the bedroom.



2 responses to “Wow….

  1. Poor guy (although he's right… "Stupid" is pretty much its own universe). Eek on your gutters! Do people not realize they really need to clean those out? We lived in a place once where the gutters were falling down they hadnt been cleaned in so long! It was a WTF moment.

  2. Yay for the new keyboard! Been missing you!

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