So, I am killing a few more clicks. I thought I would serve up a keyword salad to make up for some time I will miss with you guys later this week.

1. Babymaking ma: Yes, if you make a baby you will be a ma. Perhaps your mother keeps washing her superfertile husband’s underwear?

2. Best direction to sleep for baby making: I suggest on your head. Helps the sperm stay in place and swim down faster. Get an inversion table.

3.House buying stress more stressful than death in the family: WTF? No. I would rather buy a house. Hands down.

4. Jokes about baby making weather: I am confused- do you want embryos or little fetus to drop from the sky? Perhaps thunder that is a huge baby fart?

5 Reason for a baby making contract with sperm: hummm…I want to know if you consider a sperm a righty or a lefty? Does he sign his name in cursive?

6. Two peas in a bod porn: eww…..go see a doctor when the damn thing sprouts.

7. What happens when first time “Queens” have a panic attack: ooooo this person was surprised at what they found. So interested there was 5 page views and they stayed on for 10 minutes. LOL!!!

8. Dildocam attachment to Sony Camcorder: HUH!?!? Really- these people are out there.


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