Plan First

I just saw an irritating commercial. A child of 2 or 3 getting kissed goodnight by parents…they leave, and the kid starts talking. In that creepy superimposed mouth with a full set of adult teeth…saying “Man, I thought they would never leave…don’t get me wrong, they love me. They are smart, educated, (etc.)…all before they had me. They planned first. I am glad they did b/c that means they have more money to spend on ME”.

Are you effin‘ kidding me? I am planning…have been planning for years in advance- haven’t WE ALL!?!?!? Do you feel like you are going to have more money for your children b/c you have PLANNED?!?!? More money for your kids because you WAITED?!?

mpfh. This just rubbed me the wrong way.

It think it is a state department of health commercial. ugh.


5 responses to “Plan First

  1. Hm, yeah, we're going to spend so much just trying to get a kid…who knows what will be left over 😉 yes, planning…right.

  2. Exactly why I want to get this t-shirt for the babies…

  3. Creeeeee-peeeeee.

    And I second Rebekah — after all of our "planning" (i.e. IVF and gestational surrogacy), I doubt T and I will have a dime left to spend on the little one/s. Paper plates make good toys, right? =)

    p.s. Thanks for the tips you left on my last post!

  4. What the hell??? Just because some people "plan" doesn't mean that they end up with more money. What a stupid thing!

  5. LOL! Sometimes people are idiots. Maybe we'll be able to buy the meal pass since we spent the college money on having them.

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