Okay, just a quickie b/c I love to share laughter. I am procrastinating right this second..Okay, so maybe I am bipolar as far a being productive goes…..I go from uber full blast, barely stopping to pee packing, cleaning, tearing up carpet- to meh. To “I will throw some stuff in a box”after I read one more chapter. I am currently up to my ears in Drums of Autumn- only the best book ever in the best series ever.

I even called a baby “a wee one” today. Seriously. I am dreaming about Scots. It is really quite ridiculous. I actually finished reading it a few hours ago (since I started writing this). Sigh…I am going to have to wait at least until bedtime to start The Fiery Cross….I. must.resist.I.must.pack.I.must.clean…..I MUST FIND OUT WHAT JAMIE AND CLAIRE ARE DOING!!!!! πŸ™‚

Okay- so I found THIS website today (in all my unproductiveness) and it is freaking hill-air-e-us. It is called Regretsy, and it is items sold on etsy that are WTF worthy. I swear- I could be late to my own funeral looking at sites like this. I am cracking up at the stuffed uterus toy, and the ute throw pillow for the couch….not to mention the va-jay-jay key chains/earrings- made to order after you email description of your *ahem* you-know-what. Made to order out of that polymer stuff…..crazy…but totally funny. Who doesn’t want a va-jay-jay pillow? Or picture frame?

Does everyone remember my Wal-Mart visit? I am trying to see if I see any of the people from that visit on this site. It is awesome. It is People of Walmart…it rocks. If you look at it, there is always an increase at the first of the month. Just sayin’.

Sigh. I love to laugh.

I have to b/c guess what happened to me today? The air conditioner died in my car today. Dead. Only blows on the HIGH setting…and definitely no hot air at all. It is flippin‘ hot and humid here. I have had to change clothes twice today after running errands….I hate being hot and sweaty.

I just have laugh- b/c if I didn’t I would be crying again. I just don’t feel like doing that anymore. πŸ™‚


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  1. Somewhat Ordinary

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE People of Walmart! I figured you visited that site since we both have a hate/hate relationship with the damn place. I can totally relate and seriously I saw someone yesterday that could have made it on the site, but it wasn't until I left that I thought I should have taken a picture.

  2. what is it about a/c dying and pregnancy! mine died just before I went on bedrest and I still havent fixed it since it isnt summer any longer… I mean, there should be a rule against being pregnant and having to be hot!

  3. The People of Walmart website is hilarous! Scary…but hilarious!

  4. Drums of Autumn is totally the best book in the series! Are you reading through all of them before you read Echo in the Bone? Are you including the Outlandish Companion and the Lord John books (which I never read because who cares about Lord John, I want Jamie!)

    Finished Echo last week and it is AWESOME!!

    I heart Jamie and Claire!

  5. I love the People of Walmart website! My dad works there and I told him he should start bringing a camera in his pocket to take pictures too! He said he prefers to do "messes in the walmart restroom" because the stuff he sees in there is sooooo gross! Like not from a human gross!

  6. People of Walmart rocks! πŸ™‚

    My A/C does that, too. It only blows on high, but at least it blows cold.

    Maybe if we sleep with pillows shaped like our va-jay-jays we'll all finally get pregnant … you never know….

  7. OMG! I have just added regretsy to my list. HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing!

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