Welcome to the new blog!

I am going to be moving over from blogger to here slowly- I have seen other people do it, and move over their entire blogs….so surely I can do it also. I have not had any security issues-but I seriously need more breathing room. I have almost posted IF blogs on my IRL blog and that would be a travesty. I think a good way to keep this from happening is to have a totally diffrerent venue for my IF stuff. I need to get to a site that doesn’t use my nickname. For the record- this is L.o.r.z.a from the previous BabyMaking.jou.rney

Who the hell knows if the freaking dots help prevent googling/binging/searching in general…but it helps ease my mind.

I have a few serious vents coming up that I need to feel secure in. I have to get it out or I will explode.

6 responses to “Welcome to the new blog!

  1. I know – I almost logged a comment on my sisters’ blog with my IF blog id!!! That was too close for comfort there…

    Welcome to wordpress 🙂

  2. Well nice new digs! I have to be careful too about not posting IF stuff on my “family” blog. I just get the two mixed up at times. Hope this space will be nice and private for you.

  3. Yep, totally understand the privacy issue says the girl with the PWP blog. I wish I had done something like this instead of making mine PWP. Good luck with your new “home!”

  4. Congrats (???) on the new blog! I think its a good idea…I just found out my mom told a lot of my extended family and her friends about my blog….I was MORTIFIED…*sigh*…but what can ya do. I feel limited now…like I can’t share EVERYTHING…so I may have to do the same soon.

    Unbelievabe about them turning off the electricity early…that’s insane!!

    Excited to hear as your “bumpy” journey progresses!

    • yikes!!! I have told just a few people IRL about the IF blog. No family at all though. I need to feel free. I have shared with them with the strict instructions to not share! I hope they keep their promise.

  5. I also don’t want my IRL people to read my blog, it would seem to much like I would have to censor what I say and then what’s the point. Welcome to your new home.

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