New Blog Addy

Okay, without further adiu I will post my new blog address! šŸ™‚

HERE is the new home. Apparently Baby Making Journey was already taken (grrrrr), I tried for about 30 minutes trying to come up with something that was meaningful to me- somewhat similar…I came up with My Bumpy Journey. I figure that this whole process is bumpy is many ways. Emotionally- definately bumpy…hopefully I will be with a “bump”…goodness knows I am bumpy now- but that is from to much macaroni and cheese. šŸ™‚

I have just done a simple post on there to show that you are at the right place- but that is all. I haven’t even contacted the movers to take all my boxes over to the new site. I am just now starting to box up here at the old site. This move is going to take a while.

Okay, done with the blogging metaphors. Real life updates.

~I am turning in the keys to our rental today. I have spent days cleaning that place in the hopes that we get our deposit back. It looks/smells new. I need to move every 6 months b/c apparently I don’t clean well enough regularly. (the dust was overwhelming)
~I have unpacked 2% of our stuff at the new house. AKA-clothes and coffee cups.
~The power company screwed up and turned off the power on friday. I didn’t know- there was still stuff in the freezer that I hadn’t moved yet. I hadn’t cleaned yet either.
~Hot water makes all the difference in cleaning.

More later. Gotta jet.


2 responses to “New Blog Addy

  1. Good luck with both moves. Catch ya on the flip side!

  2. It took us over a year to unpack, we had a garage sale because we figured if it sat in a box for a year and we didn't miss it we didn't need it.

    Good luck with the deposit and the blog move, off to book mark it.

    Is this one gone? Do I delete it off my reader?

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