Planning the move

I am not going to delete this blog anytime soon. I want to be able to export my blog and take over to wordpress….but apparently they want you to download it on your computer then upload it to wordpress. That is all well and good, and normally it wouldn’t be a problem. The issue is that I am working of my husband’s work computer…kinda. Well this is the loaner they gave him until his came in…oh, wtf does it matter?

I just can’t download onto this computer all that private stuff. I know things can be found even after you delete it.

I need to find my modem and router and get my internet hooked up here. bwaaa haah ah.

I am not going to delete this blog for a while so people can meander back here and find out that I am moving. I still have to figure out how to make a post password protected. hum….

Now that I have done some house keeping/packing up here- I am going to head over to my new place and settle in a bit. πŸ™‚

2 responses to “Planning the move

  1. I made the move recently to wordpress and they didn't make me download anything…. maybe send them an email to see how to do it that way. Good luck!!!

  2. um, so this is from my previous blog. Looks weird now that it is on this one. πŸ™‚ Just thought I would explain

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