So, I realized just a minute ago that one of the bumps I am dealing with right now is very literal. I have a ganglion cyst on my left wrist- a really big bump. All the painting moving, carrying boxes has really aggregated it. After typing so much today my finger are going numb and it hurts to flex or extend it. I can’t find my brace. ;). Gotta start wearing it b/c I don’t want surgery!!!!



10 responses to “Ouch

  1. Ouch! That looks painful 😦

  2. That looks and sounds painful. Definitely go for the brace. I have not met a person yet who wanted surgery.

    By the way, could I get the password for your blog? I am not the greatest commenter, but I have been following your journey for a while. I would love to be able to continue to follow your journey.

  3. I am here and OUCH! — painful! I’ll be reading up on the other entries here once I get the chance to settle in for the evening!

  4. Ouch, poor you, hope its not too painful.
    Congrats on the move!

  5. Welcome to your new space! I hope it works out better for you!

    I had a ganglion cyst around the time I had carpal tunnel surgery. It comes back once in a while. Yuck! I hope it feels better soon!

  6. A) That looks painful.
    B) Why go for a brace? You could go fashionable with a silver cuff bracelet!

    Or you could go with the probably more effective wristbrace. Your call. 🙂

  7. Ouch. I don’t know what that is, but I know I don’t want one.
    May I please have the password for the special cool kids posts?

  8. came from ungaming comment chain at stirrup queens. this looks absolutely painful! I hope the brace helps it heal, or feel better at least.

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