There Is Always Something

So, my brother emailed me and wants to give my mother a trip to England for Christmas.  She loves all thing English. Her “numbers of importance” are all dates for different personally important things. Like 1044- I can’t remember, but someone was born on that day..perhaps dies? I dunno…History nut I am not. She reads about a book every two to three days, and she has read anything that she can get her hands on. 1500 page biographies on William the Conqueror, King Henry(ies), etc. etc.

My brother doesn’t travel well with others. My mom and I love to travel together- we have grand fun. Obviously we are not going to ship her over by herself (although she might like that) My brother asked if my contribution for the trip would be traveling with her. Uh, hum…let me think about it…OKAY!! LOL!! I Have never been to Europe and I am super excited.

I am not so excited about the fact that this will probably mean we are going to push back IVF. I dont’ know who I am kidding anyways b/c it isn’t like it was going to happen in January anyways. My dear anesthesia phobic husband still hasn’t called for the TESA. I must let him do it, or to tell me when to do it- I am not going to push it.(too much)

Perhaps it is a good thing to wait a little while as I am not going to get the H1N1 vaccine- I really don’t think getting pregnant and flying across the pond in a plane full of strangers is a good idea.

I am currently procrastinating unpacking. WTF is my problem. I am watching a movie called “Skins” from 2002 about life on a Native American Reservation in Nebraska. It really makes me sad. I worked as a an ER nurse for almost 2 years on a “Rez”. It is just heartbreaking to me how broken so many of them are.   I loved my time out there- I learned so much, and grew as a person and nurse.  I have so much respect for them- for keeping their traditions despite people trying to strip them of it.  I don’t understand it all- but it is not for me to understand- just to respect and acknowledge.  I pray for my friends that I met out there. I pray for the patients that I took care of and became to care deeply for.  I pray I never forget.


uh, don’t know where that came from. Sorry.

Question: I have not told my brother personally about our IF struggle. My mother says that she has just said “Things just don’t work like they should internally” when the boys (what we call my two brothers) asked if I was going to have a baby. My mother knows every sordid detail (she is my BFF). My brother asked when would I like to go/need to go/anytime better than another.  I was just kinda floored b/c I didn’t know what to tell him. I vaguely said “well, we do have some stuff coming up medically, but nothing written in stone. Playing it by ear”  He is a smart guy, so I figure he knows, but not sure.  I don’t know when a good time to travel there is. I don’t want to go during peak tourist time, or freeze my arse off. 🙂  OKAY- more than one question.

  • Should I tell my brother straight up what may be going down in case he is thinking MAY or JUNE?!?!?
  • When is the best time to go to the UK?
  • Anyone know any good place for deals to the UK? 🙂

13 responses to “There Is Always Something

  1. Very nice trip you have coming up. I have never been to the Uk but have friends there. I love Expedia, there prices are very competitive and have used them for travel in US. I use Delta for my international travel (Cairo to US) and have found they have teh best rates for my destinations anyway. Email me if u want and I will send you a few links….

  2. Can I go with you in your suitcase? I am bendy, it might work! 🙂

    Is it that you are uncomfortable talking to your brother about IF? If so, you may just want to keep it as well, such and so dates may not work for us due to some medical stuff, I’d prefer these dates.

    Will send an email with England recommendations. 🙂

    Also, could you please send me your password? Thanks!

  3. As long as you are comfortable, I would tell your brother what’s up. That way there is no confusion.

  4. We lived in the UK for over 11 years and I have to say that May or June are the best time to go, unless you love the cold. May is still chilly, but spring has arrived, people start smiling again and the weather is bearable. June is even warmer, but not that sticky humidity that sets in in July. At that time of the year you can take great walks in Hype Park, or just along Oxford Street, get out to the countryside to see the really good castles and take a trip along the Thames.

    I am all for being open about IF, so I would tell your brother, if he knows he can be more supportive and understanding of what’s going on in your life.

  5. Nice new digs! Ouch, your wrist looks like it hurts! I hope you’re feeling better and are getting settled in.

    Wow, a free trip with your BFF to England? Your brother is awesome! 🙂 I told my brother, just not the gory details. He’s supportive and not at all intrusive about it. It’s sweet.

    • Okay, let me clairfy…my part of the trip is to go with her AND pay for my own way. LOL!!!! I wish it was totally free, but no. Sigh. He is just not expecting me to help pay her way and pay for my way.

  6. I agree with mommyinwaiting… I would try May or I also think September, although summer in London can really be glorious and the days are nice and long and occasionally sunny, (although London isnt a really sunny place). Spent 8 years there. So, is agreat website to see which airlines are cheap, but I always book through the actual airline website.

    As fo bro – agree with many others – if you feel comfy. Why not tell him.

  7. Anytime is a great time for the UK 🙂 Lucky lady (though I also thought your part would be free until I read the comments). I went in the spring and it was warm enough to be outside without being too crowded (I think it was April?). I think you hit rain any time you go.

  8. That is pretty cool – what a neat idea for a gift. I’ve only been in London UK, so I can’t tell you much – I lived there as a nanny and all I did was frequent the park and the pub. Oh, and the portobello market on a Saturday is fun.

  9. Lucky you!!! Traveling to the UK sounds like such fun. I think that you should tell your brothers. I only have one brother, but he is super supportive with all of our IF stuff. I don’t give him all the details, like I do my sisters, but he know we are looking into different options and is supportive. This way he will get why May/June will not work.

  10. Nice new blogsite!
    Lucky you! I sooo want to visit Europe someday. You will have so much fun! I’d imagine that Spring/Fall are the off-peak, but still good times to travel – but as I have never been…I am no expert.
    I have not talked much to my siblings about our IF stuff… but like you, I tell my mom everything. I guess I’d let the brother know about travel dates/conflicts- but if you are not comfortable sharing details, dont. Its your private issue…and once you share, its out there. You can’t take it back. I’ve shared with a friend I thought I could trust who then told others… So I’ve decided to err on the side of more privacy.

  11. Thanks for the comment you left me- and thanks backing me on the clean thing… Nice to know I’m not the only one thinking that.
    That’s so nice of you to want to send magazines to the guys overseas. Yes, I am sure it would be appreciated anywhere you send it. My advice would be to send to wherever your local guard troops have been deployed. The guys in Afghanistan have less access to – well, everything. My DH is at a location where he has pretty good access to a BX store… However, if you’d like, I can give you the general squadron APO mailing address and it will get to my DH’s group.

  12. OK, I’m coming to the party late and I know you’ve already decided, but being a Brit I had to put my twopenn’orth in.

    You can NEVER guarantee the weather over here, but we quite often have good weather in late spring. This year we had an absolutely rotten summer, but we had a mini-heatwave in April, and May was also very pleasant.

    If you want to avoid peak travel times, try to avoid Easter. All the schools are off for two or three weeks then, and we get loads of visitors from the Continent as well – London is crawling with huge crowds of German, Spanish and French teenagers for a couple of weeks. Plus Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays, so everything will be shut. Different local authorities have slightly different dates for school holidays, but with Easter falling on 4 April next year, I would avoid the first two weeks of April. Some schools don’t go back until 20 April.

    Also, try to avoid half-term, which is usually the last week of May or first week of June – again, the schools are off then (just for a week), and tourist areas can get very crowded. Most local authorities have already published their term dates online, so you could google the dates once you’ve sort of decided on them, just to make sure you’re not hitting any school holidays.

    Hope this helps – feel free to e-mail me if you have any specific questions that need British input…

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