Good Morning Cry

If you are here for my Show and Tell post- head over here to check it out!

I like to start my day off with a cup of joe and whatever my bff recorded for me the night before (AKA my DVR). Last night was a busy night for my bff- The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and for some inexplicable reason 18 Kids and Counting. Rest assured I did not hit that record button! I don’t even watch TLC anymore. I quit learning anything from them a long time ago. More on the 18 kids later.

I watched Grey’s Anatomy this AM while I checked out the Show and Tell over at Mel’s, so I was a little emotional over Once A Mother’s post on honoring her daughter Peyton one year birthday. I am touched by her timeless love of her daughter, and her call to honor her by helping another child.  So, needless to say- I was a little tearful. Then the preview for next weeks Grey’s was played. Apparently there is going to be a premature infant that they are all going to be working to save. I have a special place in my heart of the preemies- my lil bro was one (2# at birth in 1986). His wonderful lifesaving nurses are the reason I became a nurse.  I loved  my work in the NICU- I wish I could have worked at the one here in town- but it wasn’t meant to be.

So when the ending showed one of the docs with is shirt off doing what I assume is kangaroo care, the tears just went ahead and spilled. This was not a cry of a few weeks ago, but a good cathartic cry. Is that weird or what?

Okay- so I think we have a ghost in our new house. Either that or someone is trying to drive me crazy. Or I have really really bad luck. Well- okay, those that have been following me a while or know me IRL know which one it is. 🙂

Here is a running list of what all is freaky about this place:

  • Front porch lights turn on randomly (and NO they are not motion sensors). They flicker, blink, and turn off randomly.
  • Doors chime randomly when we are no where near opening doors. Alarm man can’t figure it out.
  • Master BR tv quit working properly and I couldn’t turn it off. Something cut into the music playing and the man was saying “you have to go see the movie ‘The Uninvited”, it is the movie for the Halloween season.” Then he laughed. I don’t know if this was a ham radio with jacked up power or what. All I know is that if freaked the fuck out of me. I almost peed my pants. This was when I couldn’t turn off the TV. I had to UNPLUG the fucker to get it shut off.
  • Apparently my phone now has talking caller ID after the move.  It rang yesterday and the phone said “Call from No One…Call from No One.” I looked at the caller ID display and it literally said “NO 1”. I didnt’ answer and they didn’t leave a message.  I think it was probably someone like “Number 1 such and such” I have been getting a lot of solicitation calls since the move. It still freaked me out at the time. Now it seems kinda silly.

I am currently waiting on the electrician to come and check out my lights. It is probably just a loose wire. 🙂

PS Jen is giving some stuff that she doesn’t need anymore-OPKs, pregnancy test, etc. after cleaning out her medicine closet. Check it out!


7 responses to “Good Morning Cry

  1. Oohh, that’s creepy about your tv! Every once in a while I’ll hear what I think is one of our doors beeping and I think someone’s trying to sneak into the basement. Of course, it’s never anything, so I guess I’m just hearing things.

    So what happened with the 18 Kids & Counting? Ghost set the DVR on that one? You have a mean fertile woman ghost living in your house? Haha, just kidding :).

  2. Ok, totally creepy! But it made me laugh too. HAHAHA! Who knows, maybe something is living, or not living, in your house.

  3. Oh gosh, your house sounds haunted! How creepy! I hope things calm down.

  4. I can relate to everything! Haunted house…perfect for Halloween!

    check this out:

  5. If you’re afraid of that kind of stuff, do NOT watch “Paranormal Activity”, we watched it last night in honor of Halloween, interesting movie, but now my husband is convinced that everything is demonic activity! 🙂 I know what you are saying about the cathartic cry, I have those every once in a while, too.

  6. Ack! Creepy just in time for Halloween, huh? Hope the electrician can figure it out and fix it! I would have pissed myself on the TV thing.

  7. OMG! That’s freaky stuff! Sounds like a horror movie!!!

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