All over the place- November…REALLY?

Sitting here just killing time watching TV. I can not believe it is November. November. Seriously is it really November?  Is anyone having issues with this? It was seriously just March- like just the other day. WTF is happening to my life? We closed on our house September 14 (I think)–here it is Nov-fuckin-vember and my house is STILL in boxes.  My life is in boxes.

When life gives you lemons, say “fuck the Lemons” and throw them away. LOL! I am watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Had to just throw that in here- just seemed to fitting for the moment. Perhaps it is the ghost in my house leading the TV….um, again.  So I had the electrician out to put remotes in the ceiling fans and fix the porch lights.  So after it is all said and done…..we turned on the light in the office (remote switch on the wall), and the freakin’ living room light came on. We turned off the living room light and the office light came on. We have to strategically plan to turning off of the lights together. It is insane. The electrician only worked on the office light- we have no clue why the living room light is now getting in on the action.

ALSO- the front porch light worked until a few hours before the trick or treaters starting coming. Blah. Bulbs changed. No dice. Figures.

Kingman was at home alone during the peak trick or treat hours in our new home (I was working). I never realized before- he has never done that before. He has always been working, at class or out with friends on Halloween. He was so worried about running out of candy he bought 10 bags of candy. Big monster bags of candy. I don’t eat it, so he is in diabetic coma right now. 🙂 Hearing his reaction to the kids, and their cute costumes was so sweet.

Other than that life is pretty damn boring. My mother is coming down to visit the second week in November to do some Christmas shopping. I know, it is early, but heck-Christmas decorations have been out since Labor Day in Wal-Mart. No seriously- there is a huge Christmas Festival that weekend that is so much fun. Lots of local vendors and companies. I like to support local shops.

One cool thing- is that I participated in a breast cancer fundraiser walk this weekend. We had over 6000 people walk and raised over 350,000!!! It was awesome. I walked in memory of my grandmother who died when she was 40, in honor  friend from high school, and in honor of one of my fellow Krewe members.

Cheers my friends- here is to freakin’ November. A whole year since I first went to the RE. Woo hoo.  I just realized if I wait until May to do my IVF it will be 2011 before I have a child. Really?

Where the fuck is my wine.

8 responses to “All over the place- November…REALLY?

  1. I cant believe it is November already!! It looks like I will be having a 2011 baby at the earliest!! I shall join you in drinking that bottle of wine!!

  2. LOL I know, November, how did that happen? We elected our new president a year ago. It was last November when my husband and I started with the Specialists, too, so I feel your pain on that front. 🙂 Good luck with the boxes though, that’s all you…;)

  3. I love Forgetting Sarah Marshall – hilarious movie!

    To make you feel better, we moved into our house June 2007, and we just unpacked the last box (it was out in the garage) this summer! I think it took us about 6 months to a year to unpack everything inside the house :).

  4. When you are fighting IF, the passing of each month can often be very bitter, forget bittersweet. Weird how the time goes…also loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall 🙂

  5. i can’t believe it’s november already too. i can’t believe i’ve been with my RE for a year now as well, and i’ve only had 3 cycles.

  6. Sarah Marshall is an awesome movie!

    Great news about the fundraiser!

    Need another sentence to exclaim about!

  7. lol I love catching up on your posts. I’m glad you weren’t home alone in your haunted house on Halloween!

    You last post referring to your DVR as your BFF just cracked me up. That’s so me!

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