Tuesday- gotta love it.

well- started my day out on the wrong side of the bed..literally! I was actually transverse across the bottom of the bed with pillows under my feet. I have no idea why I was like that either. Dear Kingman wasn’t very happy with me either- 🙂 I think it was b/c of the crazy dream I had last night.

I dreamed that I was hearing yelling outside “Come and Help Me…Over Here”, etc. etc. I went outside to help that person, and it turned out to be a trap to get me outside and chase me. I was terrified- running and hiding. Knowing that at any second this unknown person (or thing) could ‘get’ me. In my dream it was going to do something bad to me..I don’t think it was to kill- but something in my dream that was much worse. Perhaps it was going to steal my uterus altogether. LOL! I vaguely remember waking up to Kingman shaking me and saying my name- after that I dreamed of other stuff, but that “thing” was an unspoken in my dream. I think that is why I went to the bottom of the bed sideways- I would throw ‘it’ off if it tried to ‘get’ me. 🙂

Don’t judge- when I sleep and dream it makes no sense what-so-ever. 🙂

I did some errands today all over town including my HR dept. to change our address…and when I went to leave- my car was dead as a doornail. No warning at all. Just…silence.  Thank GOD for AAA. I called for them to come out and help b/c I had taken my portable jumpstarter/charger out of the car during the move. It is fine that it wasn’t there, b/c when the man hooked it up and jumped it, the battery barely held on. The alternator was good, but the battery was beyond shot. Pisses me off b/c a little over a month ago I got a tune up/inspection and they said it was all okay. (um, won’t be going back there!!)   The service truck got there in 10 minutes- so I can’t complain. It was all over and done with in about 25 minutes. Not bad at all!

I found out today that one of the girls I work with got fired- 4 hours into her shift. I have no idea why b/c they have put the fear of God (or getting fired) into everyone else if they try and contact the fired person to talk about it. WTF? Apparently the fired person was crying and walking out to her car and there were a few coming in at that time (noon). One super sweet nurse stopped to ask the girl what was wrong, and the Fired One stopped to tell her…and our manager flew out the door and basically yelled at the sweet nurse to stop talking to the Fired One and go to her office. Poor sweet nurse had NO CLUE what was going on- she just saw her friend/co-working crying. Who wouldn’t ask what is going on? Now sweet nurse has been written up, and is on PROBATION. If she does ANYTHING in the next three months she can be fired on the spot. For just asking what was wrong when she saw a co-worker crying.

I can understand not wanting people to talk about why they got fired, but COME ON!!! Probation? Written up? Now I understand why my manager sent me a nastygram saying I needed to pick up more hours b/c of ‘urgent needs’, and if I couldn’t they would have to re-evaluate my position. What a crock of shit. They would fire me b/c I am only working 16 hours a week to hire someone who may or may not like the job, may or may not be a good nurse….who may or may not fit with the rest of the staff…UGH. My position is On Call. The title is misleading- I don’t really take call. I work when I can. There is NO minimum of hours in my job description. I know- I read and signed it. I work when/IF I can.

I hate being threatened. I have no clue what is going on in that place- but it is really pissing me off. The girl who got fired is a good nurse, and I don’t know of any problems she has had. It is really sad that she is gone.

The Best of the Adoption/Loss/Infertility Blogs of 2009
It is a time for Creme da la Creme over at the Stirrup Queens. Check it out, and please participate! Idea is that you submit one post from your 2009 blog. She wants one that you would cry over if you lost it in cyberspace, one that moved yourself-or others. It may have 46 comments, or just one. It is the one that you feel is your best post. She wants to get over 300 on there- and I think that is totally possible! Check it out, and get to looking at your previous posts!


5 responses to “Tuesday- gotta love it.

  1. Wow, that sounds kind of crazy. And illegal! Can you write someone up or fire them for talking to another employee?! Something’s definitely going on there…

    Sorry about the dreams – I hate those! Super-stressful while you’re supposed to be resting and rejuvenating.

    • I personally think it is illegal to fire b/c you talk to someone that was fired about why they were fired…but I guess anything you do on their jobsite is game to them. they have so many rules when you are hired you don’t think to look through them all. They have a “must be in the spirit of compassion” about your work. That is so open to debate as to what is compassion etc. It is insane.

  2. That’s crappy with the fireing business… Not cool. Its a hard enough job as it is, right? no need to add to it!

    Hope none of that affects you!

    Happy November!

  3. Yikes – where on Earth do you work?!? Sounds rather…brutal. Just stopping by to say thank you for stopping by MY blog awhile back…your new blog looks great!

    • I work for a healthcare facility- believe it or not. It is kind of brutal. I actually love my job, and the people I work with- but they are seriously getting strict in the upper management about any infraction and “trimming the fat”. I don’t think it will hit me b/c I just go and do my work. I did get written up this summer for absences in the last year (5, btw). Apparently I am only allowed one- which I have already taken due to a migraine- so until July I can not miss another day. HA HA HA.

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