Must stop..

I must stop walking around my house looking for things.
In my bra.
When the lawn guy comes by to do stuff in the yard on his off day.

Ooops. Thank Jesus I had on my yoga pants a sports bra so it KINDA looked athletic.


8 responses to “Must stop..

  1. Haha! I ran upstairs in my bra and panties (it’s a rarity that our cloths ever leave the laundry room…they had) the other evening (it was dark outside and all of our lights were on) and as I rounded the banister I realized that all the blinds were open in our front room so our neighbors were getting a very painful and scaring show, only to realize that all the bedroom window blinds were also open as I ran down the well lit hall. I feel sorry for my neighbors. This show ain’t pretty. : )

  2. Be careful- a guy in Northern Va got arressted for being naked in his kichen making coffee at 5:15 am because someone with a 7 year old child was cutting through his front yard and saw him. The police said he wanted to be seen! Un-freakin-believable!

  3. Did I say something inappropriate? I can’t find an email to ask directly.

    • NO WAY!!! I laughed my arse off when I read what you wrote earlier. For some reason wordpress automatically posts without approval some comments,and then others I have to approve. Maybe there is a setting somewhere I haven’t figured out. I read the comments on my phone when it forwards them to my blackberry on email- but I can’t approve from my phone for some reason. It times out while it is waiting for the page to load. Crazy huh? So, the only reason you didnt’ see your comment was that I was too lazy until now to get up and go to the computer and click the approve button. 🙂 Me=Lazy. We are two birds of feather…or two monkey of a bannana? Now I have to figure out how to put on email address on here…humm….

  4. Okay, lady – I had a mouthful of oatmeal when I read that and now my screen is spattered with Quaker’s best.

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