Creme de la Creme-less

Okay, so I am looking through my posts to put one up for Creme de la Creme…and I find I don’t really feel one jumping out at me to post!!! ARGH. I see lots of funny stuff I have posted, and a lot of venting/stress. I don’t see much about  just plain feelings. I really thought I had written more about it all.

I don’t want to put up a drunken blog (blunkin), a picture from Fail Blog , or me bitching about life in general. I don’t have deep life pondering posts. I have not had to dig deep for self realization. Perhaps I have, but it comes out in funny-ha-ha kind of ways.   I am starting to feel really really inadequate in the blogging world.

I know this is not what the Creme de la Creme is meant to do. I know it is to bring us all together, showcase ourselves, discover more blogs- and with that new friends. It is for support and love. It is for lifting each other up. Why am I having such an issue about picking a post?!?!?!


3 responses to “Creme de la Creme-less

  1. You could always try writing one and then pick it…maybe? Not so helpful?

    I have a feeling that you are probably being too hard on yourself. Hopefully things will look better soon.

  2. Hey! Stirrup Queens just started the Golden Haiku, you should go check it out.
    I started blogging after IVF and I don’t have any poignant posts about parenting so none of mine qualify.

    I’ll respond to your email a this weekend when I get a chance. : )

  3. DOH DOH DOH! I just realized that I never updated my blog roll with you new address (consider it done now!). I was just wondering the other day, “Huh, haven’t heard from Lorza in a while….”

    So sorry!

    I’m back in the saddle again!

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