Just Plumb Lucky

There is an application on Facebook that tells you how ‘lucky’ you are on that particular day. I click it everyday to get my laugh…until today I have not got above 26%…today was a whopping 46%. WOOOO HOOOO! At the lowest point it was 4%. It has seriously been like this for about three weeks and it is just crackin’ me up.

I KNOW I have bad luck. People that hardly know me know that I have bad luck….well, except when I call into radio stations for free tickets- I am pretty lucky at that.

So where is this going? Why am I contemplating my luck? It is just my luck to have a hurricane headed right at me a month after we moved into our house. It is just my luck to have purged my disaster supply the week before a NOVEMBER HURRICANE is barreling towards my home. It is just my luck to finally get a big crowd of friends to come to my favorite restaurant to watch Monday Night Football and root for my Steelers to kick the Broncos hind ends….and a flippin’ hurricane is headed this way.

Gah. Schools are closed, state of emergency issued….and my husband is skipping around here like a kid before Christmas.  My dear sweet husband loves hurricanes, and bad weather in general.  We haven’t really had any bad weather this summer- so he is so very very excited.

Me- not so much so.  I just don’t want to be without electricity. We haven’t got a generator b/c it was so late in the season and didn’t really think we would need it. Bwaaa haa ahaa.

Then the small issue of our windows etc. We have plywood in the garage already cut for our windows…but we have no idea how to put them up. That are pretty much useless. I have seen a good many houses around here with their hurricane shutters closed. I am thinking really hard right now on getting the metal crank down/automatic shutter- heck of a lot easier than this whole plywood thing. So currently I am hoping that nothing goes through my windows.

Say some prayers/send some good thoughts for me.  The weather has been so beautiful here, it is really hard to believe we are under a hurricane warning. blah


11 responses to “Just Plumb Lucky

  1. Oh goodness! I hope that you don’t have any damage and that it passes by, or totally weakens soon. Good luck!

  2. We had these iron brackets drilled into the brick and we’d fasten the plywood up with those. I hope the storm doesn’t hit you guys too badly.

    I can’t believe that we’re getting hurricanes in November now! That’s just nutty…

  3. Holy cow! Sending you good vibes to weather the storm!! 🙂

  4. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way!!

  5. Ugh – I’m sorry you are under a hurricane watch and I hope it blows right on by with a big margin to spare and leaves everything intact.

  6. Praying that nothing really happens. Much love!

  7. I’m sending you prayers from halfway across the country! And my husband is the same way–he LOVES bad weather. Tornado warnings? Bring it on! Blizzards? Loves it!

    Men are WEIRDOS.

  8. First, my husband is a life long Denver fan…I will make sure to taunt him with your wishes of defeat for his team. I do believe the game is being DVRed right now.

    Second, hurricanes!?! No thanks! We get an occasionally freaky snow storm and some cold ass weather but not flying cows or dogs or women on bikes in ruby slippers. Yes, I know that was a tornado but I won’t be living near an area they frequent either. Scary!

    I hope it misses you and you stay safe. KUP!

  9. Gaaa! That’s frickin’ scary!! I’ll be thinkin’ of ya and hoping no one gets washed away!!

  10. Oh, and those quizzes on FB are stupid. Can you believe one said I’d be Butters from South Park? Clearly I’m an Eric Cartman. Idiots.

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