Ida Schemida!!!!

Okay, so that was a bunch of hullabaloo about nuthin’. At least were we are- I know that the inland is getting a little battered right now though. We went out to watch the Steelers game at our favorite sports bar and had a BLAST!

It started raining around here during the day, but it never really got bad. I would probably say we got 3-4 inches? The wind was never an issue- and I feel slightly foolish for getting worried. Gustav was MUCH worse last year b/c it spun off a ton of tornados (120 warnings in 4 hours)…this was just kinda bland. Spring thunderstorms are worse….well, for us anyways.

I do have a got bit of leaves in my pool, and it was pretty much topped of with water, but that is clearing out.  Phew.

The game was awesome- the bar I was at closed the door to new people at 9pm b/c there was a nasty rumor going around that there was a 10pm curfew (turns out it was a lie!). They let us stay until the game was over though. Driving home was surreal b/c we only saw 2 other cars. Yet the weather wasn’t really that bad.

My mom called around 6pm to see if we were ‘battening down the hatches’ and ‘hunkering down’. I just laughed and said we were on our way to Buffalos to watch the game. She just started laughing and said that I am now a true Floridian. LOL!!! Screw hurricanes- lets go get beer!!!

I figured if I was going to get blown away, I might as well be fully soused and surrounded by cheering sports fans. With hot wings.  I would have died a happy girl. 🙂

I need to gather my thoughts on our IF update, but I just can’t seem to type it out.  ugh.


3 responses to “Ida Schemida!!!!

  1. Glad you didn’t get blown away! 🙂

  2. Here from the LFCA make a wish post. Hoping right along with you that your husband gets the TESE, too!
    Best of luck to you both.
    With love.

  3. I’m glad Ida lost a lot of steam, and didn’t hit you!

    My ILs are big Steeler fans-glad it was a good game!

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