When will I learn?

If you are coming from LFCA-Please Check out this story about an abandoned toddler in Birmingham, AL.  This is my previous post with all the information on it.

Most people learn from their mistakes…most sane people do things to keep the same mistakes happening. They take measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

I apparently don’t.  My mother called to verify my sister’s address b/c she is sending Christmas presents early (my sis lives at the North Pole- ha ha). I told her, but wanted to verify the zip code b/c we both thought the same thing. I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying my hair.

Next  blue part is a little TMI- skip forward a bit if you don’t want to read it… hee hee.

It takes a long time to dry this hair…it gets hot. I am in the sanctity of my own home. Therefore- I blow dry my hair stark naked. I have tried wraps,robes, towels, etc. I just get sweaty and yucky feeling- and end up feeling gross when i wear something. Blech.

So I don’t wear anything. I go out to the kitchen and look in the backyard and say to my mother “hope the pool people or lawn guy  isn’t here-chuckle chuckle” I peered (butt naked remember) thought the  door to the front of the yard where the normally park. Nada.

I was a free woman!  Free to attempt the opening scene to a 2 am movie on Cinemax.

I walk into the office, get the address book and tell my mom the correct zip. I turn around and.

oh yeah, you guessed it. Not one but BOTH the pool guys  tending to my pool. I have no idea if they saw me when I sauntered to the office, but I am pretty sure one of them did when I was walking out b/c he dropped the Polaris. 

I immediately hit the deck, while my mother (who is still on the phone) says “they were in the backyard huh? Dear, when will you learn it is your luck that they will be out there?”

So, here I am. Sitting on the floor behind the desk in my office. Waiting for the to finish the pool treatments and cleaning. (needs a little help b/c of the tropical storm).

Legs are getting a little cramped.

Do you tip pool people for Christmas? I think they need a big tip b/c I feel really really sorry for the sight that is now burned into their retinas. God bless them…I hope they don’t have nightmares.

If I keep this up I am going to become “that crazy lady that always walks around her house naked when service people are there. LOL.


12 responses to “When will I learn?

  1. HAHAHAHA!! Thanks for the laugh, even if it is at your expense (sorry about that). Hilariously embarrassing :).

    I think they’ve gotten all the “tip” they need this year :).

  2. Did you learn nothing from my story about the guy who got arrested? I don’t want to see you on Headline News my dear!

  3. Haha! I agree with Sarah–they’ve definitely gotten their tip already.

  4. Bwahahahaha! Oh, I think they should tip you!

  5. LOL.

    (Um, I do the same thing. Thank goodness we live on the 8th floor).

  6. Note to self, don’t move out of the middle of nowhere where you CAN walk around naked. 🙂

  7. You never know, maybe they are putting in requests to service your pool specifically because they might get a show. bow chica wow wow

  8. THAT’S HILARIOUS! It’s a great image… thank you for that! I am always sure that when I run out into my garage to grab something out of the dryer, my next door neighbor will just happen to be standing on their front porch (which has a bird’s eye view into my garage) lol!

  9. i think i just peed my pants. i once gave a free show to a local cop who had pulled someone over in front of the house… fun times…

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