No update

Just an FYI- there is not recent update about the story I posted about the abandoned toddler in B’ham, AL. I asked some family members and they had not even heard about it! CRAZY!! There are very few comments on the local tv’s website, and one seems to be from a family member that says they are trying to get him and his sister back. That is the only thing!! You would think this would be at least updated by that news channel!

I have sent emails and requests- nada.

Okay, second request. Is Chelle out there? I can’t even link to her blog b/c it has been deleted. She delivered her twin girls on the 8th. She then develped HELLP- posted about that and promptly disappeared. I am just worried sick about her- has anyone heard anything? Chelle- are you a lurker now? Are you out there?
I miss you.


One response to “No update

  1. I am sorry that your DH is being the same as mine! It must be a man thing. Their thinking is ignore it and it will obviously go away!!

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