Domestic Question

I am currently having issues trying to figure out how to best clean my hardwood floors. I am currently vacuuming with a dirt devil stick vac- but it hardly pics up stuff. It is just a dust buster on a stick. BLAH. I need more than a 2 inch strip at a time of level 2 out of 10 sucking strength.

I am also using the “Quickie” (ironic huh?) and some hardwood floor spray for the wet cleaning of the floors.

I am stumped. I am in information overload. I want a basic stick upright (not full-sized), corded, no brushes (I am really worried about harming the floor.). So that leaves what??? I am so confused.

Had anyone used anyone of these? Hate any vs. Love any?? I have to do floors everyday to try and stay ahead of it, and it is driving me nuts.

On a plus side I scored a really cool Steelers 5.5foot by 8 foot area rug for out exercise room. YEAH! Now I can feel calm going in there and Wii fiting. I have been nervous doing it with just the bare floors.

That is all for now. I can’t wait for my mother to get here. She can help me pick out some stuff for sure. She is good at spending other people’s money. LOL!!!!

Thank you for all the suggestions for the FSA- Jenedis…I may take this time to try out acupuncture! Why not- have to spend it on something!

Funny thing to day- my husband is getting curious about my Facebook page. He has always been so scornful and snearing when he would talk about it. 🙂 So, he finally got curious and was browsing on mine (i don’t care much- he mom is my friend, so I don’t have anything to hide.)

My DH has discovered Facebook stalking. He started searching for people and viola! There they are!!! Then the statements came “Oh- she got really skinny/fat/married AGAIN/etc. etc.etc… I noticed when he started realizing how many of his “old crew’ have children now. He didn’t way anything at first, but he would go really slow and drag the mouse over what he is looking at (a particular habit he has). I could see him looking at each child and each friend that is now a daddy or a momma.  I took that clue to just walk away and let him work through this.

Then I hear “It is almost fucking CHRISTMAS! This is in sane. It is 945pm right now, and it was just 845pm just a second ago. Our lives are just sliding out from under us and we can do nothing about it.  How sad.”

uh, I didn’t really know what to say b/c I didn’t want to be all – well since you mentioned it…you need to do thus and such.  So I took the middle road and said “It is going by fast-at least all this Christmas stress will be over soon!!”

okay, so I pretty much copped out. I can’t take anymore right now. I knew where he was coming from, but I just couldn’t pick at that scab again soon. 🙂

Ta ta for now> gotta go to sleep!


20 responses to “Domestic Question

  1. My husband laughs at me about facebook too… but he’s started asking me to “friend” certain friends of his to keep up with what they’re doing! LOL

    It’s not corded but have you used the swiffer wet jet? My cousin swears by it…

    We have cleaners come every other week (it preserves peace in our home, lol) and they clean the hardwood with an old fashioned mop and a vinegar/water solution. It works well and suprisingly doesn’t smell bad.

  2. Sometimes it just Husbands a bit longer to see what we’ve been seeing for years. And I ALSO can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas! Seems like just yesterday it was February…

    About the hardwoods – I don’t clean them everyday (I need to with a hubby and dog and kitty tracking everything in all the time, but I’m lazy), but I use a microfiber sweeper every couple of days and for big cleans I just use our Dyson vaccuum on the bare floor setting and then mop with a vinegar, lemon, water mixture.

  3. When I had hardwood floors I would swiffer them. My mom got a swiffer that has a vacuum attached–but I don’t know how that would be on your floors, I haven’t looked at it that closely.

  4. I found that I needed a swiffer, or a wet mop to get the fine dust off the hardwood floor. Brooms or vacuums both still seemed to leave dust.

    About your FSA account — medical FSAs are allowed to offer the option for expenses that occur through March 15 of the year to be reimbursed on the last years plan. Did you check to see if your plan offered that?

  5. Have you considered investing in a floor steamer? They use no chemicals, and are AMAZING at cleaning floors. Wood, tile, laminate and linoleum. They have these machine washable pads that the steam goes through, and the dirt sticks to them.

    Haan seems to be the best brand, and you can order them on

  6. I find that the mop is the best thing because our vacuum does not “clean” the floor. I just vacuum every day, sometimes take a wet swiffer on the dirtiest floors (kitchen mainly) and once in a while I do the whole shebang of wetting the mop and really cleaning the floors.

  7. Facebook was TOO addictive for me so I quit but yeah its amazing how it can suck you in at first.

    I’ve been considering etting Wii fit. It seems everyone I read about or know who has it seems to really enjoy it.


  8. I’m a major facebook addict, but my husband doesn’t want one. He’ll all the time ask me to say something to one of his friends and I’ll say, “Why don’t you get your own!?!” lol

    As for the hard wood floors, I use a broom vac, which is awesome. The one thing I don’t like about it, though, is that it doesn’t suck up kitty litter for some reason. We have 3 cats, so they sometimes track it around with their paws, but it doesn’t suck it up. Luckily, with the broom part, you can at least get it into a pile and use a dustpan or something to get it. Also, I second what the above commeneter said about the Swiffer WetJet. We have one, and love it. You can get all different cleaning liquids for it, and I’m thinking they have a hardwood kind. Hope that helps, some.

    Happy ICLW!

  9. Can I first say I totally suck as a blogging friend? I haven’t commented in FOREVER. And I give you full permission to HIT ME and hard for me sucking it up as a blogging friend.

    Now E and I have a steam cleaner and it is the BEST. I love it. I highly recommend it. We can clean hardwoods with it and it amazes me how disgusting our floors are when I clean them!

    Stopping by for an ICLW visit…
    No. 2: the unfair struggle (mfi, speedskating, nanowrimo)

  10. Good morning from ICLW!

    I’m in love with the “What’s in my heart” image you have on your blog. It reminds me of Wordle. ❤

  11. I have to agree with pandabox33 – I mop our floors once or twice a week, I sweep them daily with a brush, but mop them frequently. Equally we do have a dog, who trails mud into the house.


  12. I dislike people Facebook stalking me – I even went to the trouble of moving to a separate account so that the people I hadn’t seen for years wouldn’t bother an more.
    Happy ICLW!

  13. I prefer to sweep and then use Murphy’s Oil Soap. Works like a charm!!!

  14. Sorry no suggestions for your floors, but good luck in getting the right thing to do them. My husband is not into being online at all. But i did make him a facebook page just so he could try to find some old friends in Europe, no luck yet. Happy ICLW.

  15. Cute blog! I just moved to a new house with wood floors and use my Swi.fter Wet Jet and then throw some Pl.edge Wood Floors solution on a clean Jet pad. Works like a charm even with my furbaby tramping all over them. 🙂 I just had my first acupuncture treatment on Thursday and loved loved loved it. Also have an anti-facebook-thinks-I’m-crazy-for-blogging husband. I crack up when I find him reading my blog on my computer. 🙂 Happy ICLW

  16. My mother in law is OCD about cleaning…. so this I got from her. I use the microfiber mop thing (kinda like a swiffer, but you can use it over and over again, i got mine at walmart) I doesn’t take long, because its like 7in x 14 in. I also have two of the ‘fabric’ things. The first round, I do vinegar and water mixture (it’s in a spray bottle), and do the whole floor. Once that dries, (and with the second fabric cover) I do the Murphy’s Oil Soap to help protect the floor. Works great! *ICLW*

  17. For the floors… I’m a huge swiffer fan. The swiffer sweeper with the vacuum is great, then followed by the swiffer wet jet.

    In regards to the situation with your DH… I think sometimes guys need a a little time to really figure this stuff out. When it sinks in a bit, he’ll be ready to hear what the next steps are. (jmho).

  18. I use a broom and a Wet-Jet type of thing with microfiber cloths instead of the disposables. I fill it with water and a bit of vinegar and then have a spray bottle with Dr. Bronner’s and water. We have a parrot and no vacuums picked all of his mess up.

  19. Facebook is the ultimate timesuck. If facebook had been invented five years ago, I would have kids by now. I didn’t realize how far behind I was until I first registered, and then I was in absolute shock to see that nearly EVERYONE had a child. I have actually thought about stopping it, but I have found too many quality people again through it. Now I just hide all of the pregnant people or people with kids, which has left me with about 5 people to watch 🙂

    I don’t have any advice for your hardwood floors. I have 80’s tile on mine. I’m sorry!

  20. I just use hot water and a micro fiber cloth on mine. That’s what the floor guys recommended. I was told the wet jet formula was bad for our pets. *shrug*

    I’m hooked on FB, my husband has an account but rarely checks it. I get notifications when he gets messages so I tell him, he still only sometimes checks. How can he do that?!

    Oh, and I’m totally the ‘she got fat…and bald!’ girl.

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