ICLW with Sweet and Gross

oooo…I totally dropped the ball on this one. I was at work today, and forgot to turn my phone off. Everytime I got an email “blinkyblinkyblinky” would echo in the med room where we keep our purses.  Okay- I am not good with making musical notes float on the screen. It was some canned blackberry alert going off each time I got a comment.

This is how I realized it was ICLW. Did I miss an email from Mel? I haven’t been checking my Google reader lately so I may have missed something. ANYHOOO!!! Those that don’t know- or that DO and need a refresher. Check out my ABOUT ME section here. Then click over HERE for our lovely TTC timeline.  Wooo hooo.   If read a little, like what ya read- leave me a little hug- just a quick comment. 🙂 If you want to read the “TOP SECRET” posts, I just need to protect myself some- so please include your email and your website in your comment. I will let you know what the super secret password is.  That is-if I like your template on your blog site. If it is boring I won’t tell you. 🙂 LOL! JUST KIDDING!!!

In all honesty- there are just certain things we all must do to feel secure out in this abyss of the internet. 🙂

LOL! I got quite a few today. Who knew that trying to figure out how to mop my floor would become such a hot topic. Now I am anxious to try all the suggestions! 🙂 My mother is down right now (hence the blogging ignoring- that and working), and she has convinced me to get a mop/broom thing that is like microfiber- has long pieces that pick up everything. They use it at the veterinary clinic she works at, and the very rarely need to vacuum. Then they swiffer.

I do like my swiffer vac- but I just have to change stuff out all the time. Maybe we are just trashy people and I just need to get used to it!! 🙂 I honestly like the idea of the swiffer wet jet- and LOVE how much it picks up…but I don’t like any of the formula really. They streak and make my floor sticky/gummy. 😦  I may try and see about putting other stuff in the containers b/c I like the idea of it.

The steam mop kinda freaks me out b/c I actually have laminate- not real hardwood. I am so scared that it will damage it

Oh- so why am I doing another post on MOPS!?!?! Good gravy when I did I become so boring.

What is new with me- My mother has come to visit. She got here on Thursday at lunch. We have had some good food, and some drinks! We went to a local junior league christmas shopping extravaganza, and then a downtown year-end arts on the street night. It was a beautiful night on friday-blue jeans and t-shirts or long-sleeved T kinda night.  I love store’s open houses. You get wine, cheese, pate, samples, look at all sorts of stuff- art, jewelry, etc. Most all by local people. It is just awesome. At one Jewelry store the guy gave me a whole bottle of Corona Light-WITH lime. 🙂 My dear mother grumbled after he got her Dixie cup shot of wine “Shot of wine for the geezer, whole beer for hottie”  Hee hee. That made me laugh. I am not a ‘hottie’ kinda person, so this comment was hysterical for some reason.

Today we visited with my next door neighbor/long-lost cousin. It was very interesting to hear them talk about life growing up (they are two years apart), and what the other one remembers about stuff. My mom started crying when my cousin/Neighbor was speaking fondly of her father (my mom’s father”) She called him “Uncle D”, and my mom kinda lost it. The D is short for a nickname of course- but only the people very close to him called him that. My mom hadn’t heard another person say that in long time (her sisters call him Daddy), and it really touched her.  (well me too, but I was bumbling mess anyways.

I LOVE having my mom here. We are just perfect for each other- in the mother/daughter kinda since of the word. 🙂  My poor mother inadvertently said something that hurt so deep though today- I KNOW she never meant it, and she wasn’t really even talking to me. She was talking to my cousin- they were talking about their children and catching up over the 40 years since they have seen each other. My aunt has had a son (military) and daughter(medical) to die in the last 5-7 years. They were talking about love, and how a mothers love is like nothing else. You know you love your husband, your mother, your father- but until you have  a child you never really know what true love is. She said “it just blooms out of you, and is the most beautiful,peaceful, wonderful, untouchable, ultimate love. There really is no way to know that depth until you have a child”   sniff sniff.

She was totally talking to my cousin- and I really think she had kinda forgot I was there. BOY- did I feel like I was in the hot seat though. I got all squirmy, and teary. My cousin starting her part of this verbal badminton game and my mother reached over to pat my knee in a “I love you so much, you are my reason for living” way, and she saw my face. Mom is a great master of the mask. She just squeezed my leg and patted my knee- smiled looking straight in my eyes. I knew she realized that hurt me, and she was asking for forgiveness- I accepted and told her I understood. I want to love a child like she loves me.   This was all in our secret mother/daughter language we have.

Later she did verbally apologize to me, and I verbally said what I just wrote- and she said that is how she thought I felt. LOL! Um, is anyone following this still b/c I am starting to confuse myself in telling the story. HA HA HA

SO. Moral of this story is. I love my mom. I adore my mom. I want to be just like my mom. 

Awwwww.  Then we went and gorged on some gyros and humus that later gave me horrid gas at work. Someone had the BRILLIANT idea to go buffalo wild wings to get some dinner after work. I went and picked up my Mum and we met them there. 5 nurses and a Mom freezing their asses off b/c we could only sit outside b/c of the UFC championships!!

HA HA HA. So there I added some HOT wings (moving up from Medium) to my churning stomach. (Why do I do this to myself?)

*****TMI ALERT*****

By the time I got home I just knew I was going to be on a TLC show…either “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” or “I Gave Birth to a Bowling Ball Sized Turd”  Seriously If labor is much worse than that…give DRUGS DRUGS AND MORE DRUGS. I seriously thought I was going to crap out my left tit! UGH.

So- now here I am blogging  about sweet things, Gross things…and all things mundane.


11 responses to “ICLW with Sweet and Gross

  1. Have fun with your mom!

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful visit with your mom. Great mother/ daughter relationships are such a blessing, and so much fun! Hope you continue to enjoy her visit!


  3. LOL Holy crap, I laughed, I cried, I even read the TMI section out loud to my husband, he laughed as well. Hope you’re feeling better soon 😉

  4. Stopping in for ICLW. You totally make me laugh. Looking forward to keeping up with you.

  5. You seem peppy. I like that. 😉


  6. I have a very close relationship with my mom too. I don’t like the icky swiffer stuff either. Happy ICLW

  7. That’s awesome that you have such a great relationship with your mom, sounds like you’re having a great time!
    LOVE your blog, you make me smile! I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about your journey!


  8. Awwww…you made me tear up and laugh out loud. Brilliant!

    I hope you have a great visit with your mom and you’re feeling better. I have this ridiculous habit of shoving more into my ailing stomach hoping it will make it feel better…it doesn’t.

  9. romancingthestone

    You win the prize for the most VISUAL posting I have ever read. Think of it, we all talk about our V’ginas and your post wins the TMI award! Love it! Shell (ICLW) http://www.romancingthestone.wordpress.com

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