Sucky Day

ICLW- check out my About Me tabs and Timeline in the top right hand corner. 🙂  Thank you all for your comments- and I am looking forward to finding some new blogs. 🙂

For all my established bloggy friends- I am sorry I have not been commenting lately. I have had a hard time keeping up with my mom visiting, working, etc. If anything major is happening/has happened- I will catch up. I am hoping my husband’s broadband card will work on our 4.5 hour drive to my mom’s Wednesday. I will get lots done then. LOL!!!  If you know something is going on with someone- or something is going on with you- please let Mel know at the LFCA (Lost and Found). I do check that everyday for major things.

Today was a sucky day in that I had to say goodbye to my Mom- that always sucks. At least I am going to see her in a few days though. I then went to my favorite restaurant to watch the game. We lost to a team we shouldn’t have. The bar we were at was full of Steeler Haters. They were not even rooting for The Chiefs-they were just rooting against the Steelers. It sucked ass. I am not used to that- I mean seriously! I don’t do trash talk. I take it personally, and I don’t do it. At one point the a drunk ass idiots said something about I needed to put Roethleisberger’s jersey on instead of Ward’s so there wouldn’t be so much empty space on either side of the name. (ie- I was fat).

Joke was on them b/c our waitress said the entire table had about 8 or 9 TALL drinks  and had just closed out their tabs. There were four cops at the door checking drivers. LOL!!! Apparently a lot of people are leaving drunk from there. They had a wagon and were arresting. I don’t know what happened b/c I got a crazy insane migraine- left right at the end to go work a little early. I got there 40 minutes early to lay down and try and fight the migraine. Three maxalts, 800mg ibuprofen, a venti coffee from Starbucks, and an ice pack later my migraine went away. (Yes, I took the Maxalts 2 hours apart…it took 6 hours to get that migraine totally gone)

I got a mesasge from my best friend (Miss Sweetness) today that my doggy niece died yesterday. 😦  I am sad.

I am craving Macaroni Grill’s bread with olive oil and cracked black pepper….migraines, irritability…I do believe I am about to start my period. Crap.  I could jump in a bathtub full of baked macaroni and cheese, pop a bunghole on a keg of Cakebread Pinot Nior, read some Diana Gabaldon and be in heaven.    Double crap-I just got the memo that bathtubs melt in the oven. humm…….

16 responses to “Sucky Day

  1. I get migraines. I love my Maxalts. So far I’ve never had to take more than two to knock one out. Usually one does it. And it is like a miracle drug for me.

    I love Macaroni’s. We don’t leave anywhere close to one, but I love to eat there when given a chance.

    Stopping by from IComLeaWe

  2. Some football fans can be asshats. I’m sorry they made a stupid comment to you! Here via ICLW and looking forward to following your journey!

  3. I’ve heard Cakebread is awesome, but have never had it yet. Love the idea of bath full of mac n cheese. That sounds awesome! Wonder if it’s detox-approved? 🙂

  4. Sorry about the migraine and the haters. That was a crappy OT loss. Sorry about the doggy niece.

    Mmm… macaroni and cheese… now I want some.

  5. Oh you crack me up! Sorry about the migranie. My good friend AF came 4 days late this month, so I was extra mean and in pain for 4 days longer than normal. Lucky me!! I really don’t think we shoudl get AF if we can’t get pg! It is only fair. She can return when we need to cycle.

  6. Ick. hate migraines! Maxalt was the only med that helped me – but then my doc stopped prescribing it – not sure why. The replacement med did not work. Luckily I have not had one in nearly 2 years.
    Love love love Diana Gabaldon too! Just finished her last book. Sigh. There will be a next one. I’m sure of it. Now I just have to …. wait.

  7. Ugh…sounds like a tough few days! So sorry about the migraines and the doggy niece! 😦

  8. Your “bunghole” reference to the pinot cracked me up.

    ICLWer… I’ve never seen your blog. I really like it a lot.

    Savor every second with your mom. Mine passed 5 years ago. She never got to meet my sons. Make a ton of memories, sweetie!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. The game was so painful to watch yesterday. At least the Bungles did us a favor and lost though. We still have a chance to make it in as a wild card, provided the special teams remember that the goal is to NOT let the other team run back the kickoffs and punts for touchdowns.


    • Thank goodness the Bungles lost. I am glad someone out there understands my pain. It was nauseating. You know what happened the last time we went into playoff as the wildcard! 🙂 I also think Ike Taylor needs to go!! He has gotten on my nerves the last TWO SEASONS!!! Our special teamss need a refresher on what they are supposed to do to earn their paychecks. This isn’t touch/flag football. Gah!

  10. so sorry about your doggie niece! now yougot me wanting mac and cheese!! yummy!

  11. Migraines SUCK (fellow sufferer here) and fans like that SUCK. Sorry it was such a cruddy day.


  12. I hope your next day is better.

  13. Bah! Sorry about the migraine and the asshats at the bar. I hope they were taken to the pokey for being morons.

    The last Pearl Jam concert I went to (omg I just realized that was 12 years ago!) there was a drunk duo behind us throwing water on everyone. I was the fat bitch who asked them to stop.

    I love the bread and oil at MG. Do you think it’s low carb?

  14. So sorry about your sucky day. I am also in the migraine club and you get extra sympathy from me.

  15. Cakebread sounds interesting. I’m doing Christmas baking next week. Mostly cookies which I freeze and then actually bake closer to Christmas. I love the icebox cookies. The dough is frozen so I make myself not eat it. When I want cookies I just slice enough of them from the roll to fill a cookie sheet or two.

    Wandering around from IComLeavWe.

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