New Girl-VENT

Where I work is a tightly knit group- we are like family. Not only that we are women….and nurses. We are all very nice, and supportive of each other, but when a new person comes in it is interesting. Similar to when a close friend in a group starts dating a new person. You are nice, helpful, but feeling them out. You look for any fatal flaws- both dreading and hoping you find them. You want to find them only to save heartache later down the road.

You all know what I am talking about.

I just finished day 4 of working. Ugh. Considering I am ‘as needed’ in my job status- this is a lot of hours. There has been another firing at work, so they are asking for more coverage from us “oldies” until the “newbies” get trained.  Fun huh?   The firing that just took place of a full-time RN was needed- she has been given too many chances, and was kinda crazy. Good Riddance.

Okay, so onto New Girl. I can’t stand her. I am not like this- I like people. I give people chances. I inherently like people. I have tried for two 8 hour shifts to like her. I can’t find one fucking thing. Oh, did I mention that she is pregnant? Yeah, icing on the cake. So for the past two days I have ALSO had to endure the “oh- weren’t you trying?” etc. etc.  She is also and RN and a friggin’ KNOW IT ALL. I can’t stand nurses that act like they know more than you- especially when they are on the job only a few weeks. Nurses that roll their eyes while you are giving them RULES need to have them punched out of their sockets. (seriously you must let a doctor be AWARE that you told a patient to go to the ER…not just tell them to go b/c you think they might be having a stroke. WTF?!?!?)

Did I mention that she blames everything on “the baby’. I don’t really know how far along she is- and I really don’t want to know. That might show that I am interested in hearing about it. I am SO NOT. She is probably 20wks? She is larger in stature, so it is hard to tell.

Let me also mention that she (pretty much purposefully) called a patient “Mr. Sausage”. Okay, that was pretty funny- except for the fact that she started to say his name (started with an S), then said Sausage. Seriously. She is slightly crazy. Then she walked around telling everyone what she did, and called it “Pregnancy Brain” and saying that the baby is eating my brain. Then proceeded to take a 30 minute break to eat…at 9am. Took another at 11. I was supposed to go to lunch then, but she stated she HAD to feed her baby.

I can’t argue with that huh? Bitch. Several of the other girls at work said that I needed to tell her I had to feed my baby too. My Shit Baby. LOL!!!!


Now I get to pack to go to my Mom’s tomorrow. YEAH!

6 responses to “New Girl-VENT

  1. OH ugh ugh UGH! Women like her annoy the ever loving poop out of me. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. =(

  2. She sounds like a completely self-absorbed person. Self-absorbed and pregnant is a horrible combination! I’m sorry you have such a sucky new coworker :(.

  3. OMG…some people! Don’t blame you one bit for being upset or not liking her so much at the moment! Sheesh! Hope it gets better…maybe it will? Nah, probably not (what was I thinking?). Some people!!

  4. AHH I hate women like that. I work in labor and delivery (bad choice for an infertile, I know) and the women’s center. I get so tired of people complaining and blaming it on the baby or “pregnant brain”! Frustrating!

  5. Oh my lord…I’m annoyed just reading what she is prattling on about. Seriously, blaming everything on the baby and being pregnant is sick. It makes me mad that people like that are the ones that can spontaneously spawn and people who deserve it much more have to struggle so freaking hard. Try to forget about her and enjoy your Thanksgiving – give thanks you’re not ridiculous like her!

  6. I’m sorry that stinks. I think 10 years of IF meds drained my brain of normal function, I can be pretty foggy sometimes. Can I blame it on the drugs but be nonspecific so people wonder which ones I’m talking about?

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