I don’t know what bloggy funk I am in. I am currently trying in vain to fall asleep. Who knows why. I do believe my new happy pill is keeping me up.

Oddly- I only have marginally more energy. WTF?

My friend Rainy had her baby, and iis doing well. I am so excited for her- she up in some pretty cold weather right now. Say some prayers for their safety. It is pretty cold outside!!!!!!

Still no word from the UroGod scheduling dept. Argh. We don’t even know if they have reviews the chart or not. The nurse will not return our calls. He gave my husband his personal card with his cell number on it (little perk of professional camaraderie that is nice). I hate to use it yet- how long should we let go by before one of us calls him?

My CamperGirl (IRL friend- see section/tab above labeled “who is she talking about…or some version of that”) is doing well. She has a due date of July 4th!!!! Wow! Knowing her she will deliver at noon on 7-4-2010. That would be right on time. :). She is a schedule oriented person. To the point of linens getting washed on Sunday at 2pm. LOL!!!!

This will be interesting to say the least.

Off to beddy bye. I finally took some ambien tonight, and it is kicking in. Hopefully I will SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh have to give a shout out to Nina- she delivered and is doing awesome. Her boy is a cutie. I am on my crackberry, so stop looking for links. 🙂
Also-Christina-Congrats on making it through your first month and then some with flying colors!!!!

Thank you all for your love,support, humor, and acceptance. I love you all-my heart is healing b/c of you. I am finding that I often don’t think about my IF for days at a time-but I think of you all. I think of Nic with her recent surgery(get well soon sweetie), Chelle with her two sweet angels of projectile poo.;) JK!!! I have connected with you and I just don’t know why. Kismet.
Michele- I pray for you daily. I pray for Maya and Bobby. They are fighters, and they have learned that from you.

Good night my dears. I realize it is time to go to bed when the keyboard starts looking like soft little pieces of chocolate. yummhy



8 responses to “alive

  1. I hope you get some sleep!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes!! I am doing ok, recovering well.
    Hope you managed to get some sleep. I go through phases of not being able to sleep, its crap as the harder you try to sleep, the less you feel able to!
    Take care x

  3. Thank you. Those prayers are what have gotten them this for. Know that we are thinking of you…

    Get some sleep, dear one.

  4. I just published a poem I wrote while going through fertility treatments with my wife. Check it out and tell me if it rings true with what you’ve been through. That was ten years ago when IVF was less well known. 8 years of treatments, 9 artificial inseminations and two IVFs later we had our son.

  5. I hope you got some sleep! The girls and I send well wishes to you and I hope you get out of your funk. If there is anything I can do, just say so! DO you need us to fly down there? I’ll do it!!! Oh, wouldn’t that be nice to actually meet so that I can give you a hug? SOMEDAY!

    …Thinking of you! ((HUGS))

  6. Hope you have gotten some good sleep.

    Thinking about you. HUGS!

  7. Hello? Just checking in to see if you got any sleep and how things are going.
    : )

  8. Hello!

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