A Funny!!

It Is A Very Busy Corner!

This has GOT to be the next place my husband and I get to. LOL! Especially since we had to CHANGE THE SURGERY DATE AGAIN!!! This is the picture I meant to post on the last post, but for some reason I couldn’t get to post. 😦

My husband’s work got a fourth partner, so it totally screwed up the call schedule and off days. That was bad enough- and would have been tough to work with, but not totally un-doable…..the straw that broke the camels back was the fact that one of the partners decided to go out of the country again that SAME FREAKING WEEK!!! He and his wife have already paid 10,000– yeah- you read that right 10,000 for the trip.  UGH. So apparently it is ‘easier’ for us to reschedule for a month later. Ugh. 

All I can do at this time is laugh.

Oh- have I told you all about how our plans to do IVF this summer has been shot to hell and back? We don’t know when we are doing it. My mother and I don’t know when we are going to England. My aunt was just “given” 3-6 months to live. I still don’t get that anyways- do the Oncologists flip her over and look at her expiration date? Do the pop off a tab only they can see and sniff her? I just don’t get it.

My mother doesn’t want to plan anything or put any money down- and then something happen to her sister while we are over there….or even worse a week before we are due to leave.  Sigh.

Plus I found out this week my sister, niece and nephew are not going to be able to afford to come down here from Minnesota this year. I miss her a ton. I HAVE TO HAVE A BABY to get them down here dammit. 

I do believe I REALLY need to blog more to get all this OUT OF ME!


6 responses to “A Funny!!

  1. Argh! I’m sorry the surgery was pushed back. How frustrating.

    Sorry about your aunt. I always wonder how they come up with the time frame. I’ve had relatives long outlive it, and some not come close, so who knows!

  2. I am sorry your IVF plans may not got ahead and sorry that you may not come to England. Hope all sorts itself out

  3. Funny picture!
    I hope things sort themselves out for you soon. That stinks about the timing with the partners. I’m sorry about your aunt, I hope she’s feeling okay considering.

  4. Oh, that sucks that everything is getting pushed back and delayed so much! I’m sorry to hear that your aunt is doing so poorly as well.

  5. stoptheworldiwanttogetoff

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looking forward to following your journey as well !

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