Coming out of hibernation

Just for a minute…I am sick as a frickin’ dog…where does that expression come from anyways? Dogs are hardly ever sick- and when they are….um, they kinda  have a high percentage of dying.

What have I been doing? The last week I have been with my hubby traveling to Las Vegas and then Scottsdale, AZ. Before any bloggers out there get all in an uproar b/c I might have been near them (ha ha), be glad I didn’t. I have been so sick. It started suddenly with a little cough the morning we flew out. By the time we got to PHX it was full blow bronchitis (that was the 21st). I think I now have pneumonia.

I have been through Mucinex (The Green Fat Man has won) Delsym (that shit is just candy) Robutussin( ha ha) I called my doctor and she into phoenix some antibiotic and some ‘good’ cough syrup. I am done with all that and I am still freaking SICK.  SICK SICK. I have never had any fever, but omg.

It hurts to breath, hurts to cough, hurts to think. I cough and vomit. I actually was at the ticket counter at Delta and was 10 pounds over (I have mad packing skills) on my luggage. I was trying to think how to rearrange some stuff and where to go buy a new bag when I was over run with a coughing fit. A really really bad one. So bad I ended up puking all over the ground at curbside check in. OH YEAH! It was pretty- my fair skin, blue eyed face was red/blotchy/ and bloodshot. I was wheezing and gasping and scrambling for my bag for my OTC primatine mist (my stupid holistic doctor doesn’t like albuterol) so I could breathe.

In all the hub bub another clerk grabbed my bag and tagged it before I had a chance to either #1 pay my 90 buck fee or #2 get a second bag.


Moral of the story- if all else fails- fly when you have bronchospasm and save the over the  weight limit fee. LOL!!!!

Anyways. I am doing okay. I have my new snazzy mega computer, so I have been ‘playing’ on that a lot. My playing consists of a new love affair with my new Neat Receipts Scanner. I am such a damn Dork. I have also been transferring pictures, labeling, etc.  I have organized my office and getting just a little to excited about it. I also got a new filing cabinet- all wood and preeeeeetyy- so I have filed stuff too.

You know how it goes- you realize how you SHOULD have organized stuff when you started filing things……So then you make new folders with subfiles.

Sigh. I am in heaven.

I got my account all up to date. They had a HUGE sale (8.95 on most all audiobooks for members) so I stocked up on really long books.  I got some wireless headphones for Christmas and I can work for hours. It is just awesome.

I am not going to get much for many more days. I feel like I have been run over by a DAMN TRUCK.

Anyways, I clicked over hear just to share the ONLY thing that really made me laugh today. I hope it makes you all laugh too. 🙂 I hope the darn thing posts through…it is from my Google reader,and I don’t know if it will.

3 responses to “Coming out of hibernation

  1. Good to ‘see’ you, though sorry your so sick. That really stinks. I hope you get better quickly.

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