I think I lost a rib….a blah blah blah post.

As of today, I have been sick for two weeks…well about two weeks plus two days b/c I now realize two of those days were a prodromal period of malaise.

I am a nurse, and I dont’ know what the frick is wrong with me. This is a nasty bronchitis I guess…with a sinus infection piggy backed on the tail end.  I am currently at the cough, cough- vomit for intractably for 20 minutes phase. I really feel like I have lost a rib I am so frickin’ sore from coughing and puking.   

That is not all- I am just exhausted. Bone tired.  Then I get soooo short of breath. Ugh. I am on antibiotic, steriods, inhaler and some cough syrup….but ugh. I don’t have the flu b/c I dont’ have any of the other symptoms….just cough and tired. It is so fecking insane.

I am so whiney.

I also just wanted to share about the STELLAR deal I got at CVS today. I grabbed some coupons at Winn/Dixie for Tostidos- buy two and get a jar of tostidos dip for free….went to CVS to get my RX I noticed they had the Tostidos scoops buy one get one free….I had four coupons…SOOOOOO…..I got eight bags of chips and four things of dip for 14.96 (I used 1 Extra buck I had from before)!!!!!  It was awesome! The bottom of the ticket said “You saved 31.56 today” YIIIPPPPPEEE!! Pretty good b/c the chips are normal 3.99, and the dip is normally 3.69. PHEW!

This is a good week for stocking up and freezing with all the buy one get one frees at the grocery stores!!!!  I have gotten to be a serious coupon clipper, and planning my meals around what is on sale that week, etc. I am loving being able to stock up on the meats on sale.

I have also been killing time entering all my bills into Where’s George to track them. So far I have entered 200 bills, and NONE have been hit!!! Meaning no one has noticed the red ink on them and taken them home to log on to the internet and enter them. Sigh.  If you find one- PLEASE ENTER THEM!!! There are geeks like me staring at the computer waiting for someone to puh-leeeeeeze tell me my money is still out there!!!

I am also thinking of doing geocaching….I saw some GeoGeorges (bills that are put in a Geocache and are rescues and put into another one) and now I am very interested. Kingman is on board b/c we can take a road trip. 🙂 He wants to take a road trip to the Keys and to GeoCaching along the way. I dont’ think he realizes that would take a few months. LOL!!!!

Anyone out there do that?

Okay- I don’t really have much else to say right now.

I am trying to get back into it. Sigh.

2 responses to “I think I lost a rib….a blah blah blah post.

  1. Geez, that sounds awful! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you’re doing better. That sounds awful!

    We need to move, our grocery stores never have those kinds of deals. That I find anyway.

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