Too Cool

Alright – because I am a fan of cool and totally useless things(at times)….and I totally fall victim to all fads in electronics…sooner or later….you all may be hearing more from me. 🙂 The fact that there are a grand total of four working and two non working computers in this house has nohing to do with the lack of blogging……(it is just my husband and I mind you)

Now that I have discovered that there is a WordPress app for my Droid… I am….on my bed……tapping out slower than I would ever type my computer b/c……why?

It is cool.

What is new? Humm..welll…..good ole Kingman (see link up top”who is she talking about” if you don’t know) has his PAT (preauthorization testing) next Friday for his testicular biopsy (what I refer to as the POW retrival…LOL…I may  have to change that later.. His surgery is scheduled for march 24 or 25…..can’t remember….

Mardi Gras is this weekend and I am going to get tanked. Bombed. Shitfaced. I am going to throw beads and moon pies. I will not think of the fact that a year ago I was thinking I would be bringing my baby to it’s first parade this year….or at least be pregnant and not be able to GET drunk. sigh.
Then I thought I would be pregnant. I will not think about anything bit the 2000 jello shots for me and my Krewe sisters. 🙂

I will try and remember my name….and the 20 pounds I have.lost in the last six months. LOL


One response to “Too Cool

  1. I just got a crackberry and I’m lost. I’m not good with technology.

    Have fun jello shot girl!

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