They have taken our ransom….never to be seen again. Our first ransom drop was lost somehow. We still have not figured that out. Our (second) $3500 check was signed for and deposited on 2/18.
His PAT is 3-5 and surgery is 3-25. Wow.

I hope our little POWs can keep their wee spirits up. 🙂


I just got back the voided and cleared check from the university. It is really surreal to hold that voided check and to see our account dip down. Sigh. This is the FIRST time in almost two years it feels like something is really happening.  Wow.


3 responses to “Ransom

  1. I can barely believe that you waited for so long. The waiting without a plan is so seriously the hardest.

    You have such strength. and inspire me to find my own patience.

    • Awww! Thank you sweetie! Waiting is the hardest. One word to the wise- DON”T PRAY FOR PATIENCE!!! I sometimes think that is why this is taking so long. I used to pray for patience- and I think God is testing me to fine tune my patience. LOL!

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