Sock It To Me Baby

I had my dancing socks on today.  🙂 I participated this year is Sock It To Me- a yearly sock exchange that is best described HERE.      In trying to find the exact post- I just found out there is going to be a Winter 2010 Sockeroo! WOOOHOOO. Definitely check it!

Last time I didn’t find this lovely blog until AFTER the sign up ended- well actually I found it when people started posting pictures. I almost bought myself some damn socks and posted them myself. I now realize that would have been fine. This IF world is a kooky bunch, and we all love each other no matter what. Whatever makes you feel good- is fine with all of us.

So- if you didn’t get a sock buddy- go buy yourself some socks and post a picture! Love on yourself. Bookmark SmartOne and make sure you participate next year.

Anyhoo.. I got my socks from Missy. She is sweetie. I have not known of her before now- and I am delighted to have found her, and I look forward to following her. I hope I can encourage her!

She sent these cute socks to me with the to honor the city she hails from that has a rich musical history. I LOVE THEM! It was sweet of her to choose a pair to that shared a piece of her. She has been going through a lot- so go over and give her some loves. :}

The past year I have been so blessed to have discovered the wonderful world of blogging in the IF community. I was lost, and one day I sat down at my computer and thought- the WORLD is out there. You can find anything on the internet..surely I can find someone to talk to. I typed in Infertility Support Groups (CITY, STATE) I couldn’t find anything.

I couldn’t believe it. Not a thing. I was having a really hard time- I suffer from seasonal depression also, and it this was a particularly hard time. I kept typing in different phrases and clicking on links. I found a few message boards, but they seemed odd. They didn’t click for me. They layout was impersonal and hard to follow. I couldn’t keep up and was overwhelmed.

One day I was looking to try to figure out what in the world TTC, 3dp5dt, FET,ICSI, DH, um, and so on meant (I feel kinda silly now). Somehow I came upon The Stirrup Queen’s Blog. I immediately loved her name.

I had already had an IRL blog for a few years, and after finding Mel’s blog– and reading a few I found from her website I decided to start my own. The rest is history. Here I am.

The love from all you ladies has helped me in ways that are immeasurable. I know I am forever changed for the better, and I have made lifelong friends that I feel blessed to have.

I would like to buy you all a Coke. And teach you all to sing. 🙂


Please check out my previous post regarding my latest soapbox.

I love all you lovely ladies.


12 responses to “Sock It To Me Baby

  1. Nice socks!
    I wish I would have checked out the blogging while we were still in the throws of treatments. I’m glad I found it at all really. : )

  2. Cute Socks! I’d take you up on your offer to teach me how to sing! Happy SITM!

  3. Great socks…still waiting on mine…

  4. What cool socks! I’m so glad you found this wonderful community and the support they offer.

  5. What neat socks! I’m a music lover, so I’m a little partial.. Lol. Glad you were able to find such awesome support through the ALI community, even though I’m sad you even had to look to begin with. Happy SITM!

  6. Those socks are so thoughtful! Makes me feel like a slacker 🙂
    So nice to meet you. Glad to find someone else with Azoo.. it’s a tough diagnosis.
    Thank you for all the coupon suggestions. I just printed the paperwork for the Procter & Gamble book the other day! I will check out the sites you mentioned.
    How’s your DH doing with the idea of the upcoming surgery? Mine is terrified. Hope to chat often, again nice to meet you!

  7. Glad you like the socks! They look great.

  8. Cool Socks!! I really like them!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!!


  9. YAY for socks! Those are great socks! I love that your all up on your “soap box”, keep it up sister ;o)

  10. stoptheworldiwanttogetoff

    can you send me your password?

  11. love the socks! Happy SITM!

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