Feeling Better

Please refer to previous secret post. It is password protected b/c it is more specific….and was written during the downward spiral.

I am feeling MUCH better now.

The other half and I talked, and there is still so much more to be hashed out…but we are on the right track. I will post more later in a secret post. 🙂

I am sorry that I have to post in secret posts, and I know that I may lose some people that click over here that are curious- but…but just leave me a comment here with your blog address so I can check you out, and your email address and I am more than happy to send you my passcode. I used the same one for each secret post- so once you know it, you hopefully should remember it (I really DO try to make it easy to keep readers). If you don’t- just leave a comment on here with a link to your blog/email and I will send it to you again via email. I just request a blog for verification of IF community. I know that sounds very paranoid-ish…perhaps I am.

I just have to have control of the privacy. I know this ‘anonymous’ out here on in the blogosphere- but is it really? I love the comments, I crave the support. I have to be discreet IRL b/c of my husband’s work….bear with me….

It still pisses me off that we HAVE to be discreet. WHY?!? WHY is infertility shameful? Is high blood pressure shameful? Is breast cancer? Is colon cancer? NO!!!!! Yet, I can’t tell our friends and co-workers we can’t conceive. It is so hard. It is frustrating. GO HERE and tell your State Representatives that your insurance companies should have to cover IF treatments. Read about a bill that can’t get support…no one really even knows about it. Post about it on your blog. Link my post, link this website, quote RESOLVE’s website



2 responses to “Feeling Better

  1. I totally hear what you are saying about discression (i got your e-mail with the passcode, btw, thank you :)). The reason we don’t talk about it is some because of privacy. I wouldn’t want people knowing specifically when we were trying to make a baby the “normal” way either. But there is more to it. I think most of our hesitation is from how we think people would react. We don’t want anyone resenting our eventual baby because of our decisions either.

  2. You have every right to keep your blog as private as you want it to be.
    That being said, Can I get the password? 🙂
    My blog is above, my email is notpregnantjust@gmail.com.

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