$85 down.

I had a busy day at work…and I am now closer to recouping the $10,500 that we had to pay to get entire heating/cooling system cleaned and free of mold/all ductwork replaced, all insulation removed, attic cleaned and sanitized, and new insulation installed. After taxes and retirement taken out…I figure I made about….oh….$85 bucks. Yeah.

That should cover-what….. my birth control pills  and antibiotics for my cycle? Woo hoo! I swear, that is how I am going to have to start thinking about it. Every paycheck, I am going to have to think about that.

The lovely part is how my husband and are considered to be ‘rich’ b/c we make ‘so much money’. We are supposed to pay for everyone else. We should pay for people to get all this free stuff that already don’t pay for healthcare. That probably get food stamps already. We pay OVER 50% of our income in taxes. Yup. You heard me right. Our NET is less than 50% of our GROSS pay. This number is about to go up b/c we should pay more. Yet- we get no tax breaks. We get no perks.  People think my husband makes big bucks.

Yes, we are blessed- yes, we do have money in the bank…It is NOT b/c of his job- it is b/c we are frugal. It is b/c we have no credit cards. We do not use them. We wait to buy things. Our cars are paid off. I clip coupons and religious follow store ads and to stack coupons with store specials like buy one get one free to maximize savings. It is standard for me to get 30 to 40% off ALL my groceries with this planning (www.couponmom.com).

I believe in Dave Ramsey. His common sense is COMMON SENSE- and the world thinks it is novel and new thing. To our Grandparents this is just the way life was lived….and life was simpler and back then.


ANYWAYS. I digress.  Money. Always money. Money rules the world. I am going to be working my ass off. I already put 38% of each paycheck into savings(yeah, every two weeks), and I am going to have to ramp it. up. I think to make this baby thing happen this year I am going to have to ramp it up at least 42 to 43% each week.  I have to save to prepare to for me not working, and to put money away for a housekeeper in case I become bedridden.

I have to plan for that.

If I don’t we are screwed. I have to save in case one of our cars needs a new tire-or a new engine. What if we get in a wreck? What if.what if what if. Lord please be kind to us- I know you don’t give a person more than they can handle. I really don’t think I can handle any more.

On the plus side- I have registered with RESOLVE on March 10th for a teleconference  on how to start a support group. I am thinking on starting an IRL support here in my town. The one and only person IRL I have talked to about this shit storm (other than my mom who knows everything) really helped yesterday when we met for lunch. I have not given her name…..um…she shalll beeeeeeeee…… Lady K  for lack of anything better right now.

She had really turned out to be a person I trust and depend on. She is getting married soon, and recently had a meltdown. I actually had a mental breakdown on the phone with her when I had to leave the house when the people were fogging for mold. It wasn’t pretty. 🙂

She suggested yesterday that I find a support group here in town with IFers. I told her there wasn’t any. She said “so start one- you KNOW there has to be other people going through this. Other women have to be hurting just like you, and need a friend that understand. I care, and I love you…but you need a woman who has been through it, is going through it to reach out and give you a hug. You need to be surrounded.”

It was so sweet of her to realize that it does help to have someone who is going through it. I told her about reading blogs- but didn’t tell her that i had a blog. I am not ready to share with anymore IRL people.  She knows me well enough that I think she knows I have one. I mean- she knows I have a “real life blog” and a traveling gnome blog. I would be silly to read IF blogs and not have one. Duh.

I now realize that was stupid of me to act like I didn’t have one. LOL! That was sweet of her to not call me out on it. What a great friend.

Anyhoo- I am going to do the teleconference and learn about starting a support group. I am nervous, and excited. This is a huge step for me. YIKES! Please pray for me.

I think I am also going to contact RESOLVE and volunteer some time to answer some phone calls, etc. You know- b/c I am going to have so much time and all coming up. 🙂 I just need to realize that it is not all about me, and I can’t feel sorry for myself. Other people have heartbreaks and sadness. I have to realize the sun will come up tomorrow- and this will only get me as down as I let it.

I have let it get me pretty low. I have to get back up- or this is going to get ugly.

I love you all.

PS- I can’t sing….that is why I have not taken any of you up on that request…….I am waiting for coupon, and a BOGO for the Cokes. 🙂

2 responses to “$85 down.

  1. I could teach you how to sing or just do the singing in your stead. I was a music teacher in a former life. 🙂

  2. I read blogs for months before starting one, so maybe she didn’t think that was weird :).

    DH and I almost had a heart attack when we saw our first paycheck after getting out of the Army. We paid more in taxes that year than we MADE the whole previous year. Ouch. What exactly do we get for that money?!

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