My New Groove

um….it HAS TO BE SPRING!  I don’t know how else to explain it.  After the meltdown of the year (which I now am totally convinced is partially b/c of  drug interactions and hormones), we have been trying hard to reconnect.

It is workin! 🙂  Woo hoo.

I weighed myself today, and I have lost a total of 24 pounds. I can’t believe it!! It is still coming off slowly. I am not really working out- just not eating as much, and making wise diet choices. interestingly enough, I am trying to phase out diet drinks b/c of the artificial sugars. I actually have been buying the throwback pepsis and I LOVE THEM!!!! I only drink one or two cans a day or every other day- so it isn’t that much. I was very worried about the added calories-but I really am starting to think there is something to the whole “Empty calories in diet drinks make you eat more later” thing.  I normally can’t stand non-diet drinks b/c they are so sugary- and I don’t ‘do’ sugary stuff.  That is why I like the throwbacks- for some reason the recipe for this not as sweet, and doesn’t make me as yucky feeling.

Anyhoodle- the recent weight loss, increase in pheromones flying, and cuter warmer clothes created a Zen moment for me today…..a moment that made me feel like a woman again.

I was on a shoppers high after saving some moolah at CVS (seriously people, check out Coupon Mom) and I got “the look”. Sigh. I am a happily married woman- but goodness knows getting “the look” brightens one’s day.  He did the ‘I am not going to be obvious while I look, but try to catch her eye, and see if she is wearing a ring, then check out her rack again…and try to casually come up with something to say.”   His opening line was “So you really use coupons, huh”

HA HA. I had already noticed him checking me out- so I knew he was more interested in my lovely lady lumps than how to save 38$ on a 48$ CVS bill with coupons, Extra Care Bucks, and store specials.

But I couldn’t resist. 🙂 I did a little education…and enjoyed the slight discomfort when he realized I was really only going to tell him about coupons.  LOL! Why shouldn’t I? That is all he asked.  The whole interaction was probably only 4-5 minutes, but you know how it is.

I should feel skeevy and icky- but sigh. It did kinda make me feel good. Plus he was totally hot. Like slap your momma hot. 🙂

Life is good here- the weather is warming up…and I can’t wait to be able to get into my pool. I want to VEG OUT. I might even fit into some of my swim suits. LOL.

I had my RESOLVE teleconference and it went really well.It was about how to start a peer led support group. There isn’t one (RESOLVE associated) within 5 hours of where I live- so it is definitely needed. I am so excited about it I just can’t stand it. I was very timid to tell Kingman about it b/c he is so very private as far as socially in our community- b/c of his job. When I told him exactly what I wanting to do- he said “that sounds really good”. He is behind me 100%- and he has seen how much support has helped me. He knows how much it helps to find people to connect with- and I think he wants to find that support too.  Even if it is support by proxy- it will be support for him.

Each of those women will have a husband- at the inception of the group we will have to decide our parameters. I will make it a General IF group, and then what if someone gets pregnant? What to do- best to establish that from the beginning. What about men- are the strictly banned, or once a quarter a separate couples meeting? Men can come by at anytime? We shall see.

I am excited.

Wish me luck!!!!


4 responses to “My New Groove

  1. Go on with your sassy self! Good for you on the weight loss and the flirting. ; )

    Good luck with your group!

  2. “Slap your momma hot”…*giggle*. Everyone enjoys the confidence boosting look, married or not :).
    Good luck getting the group started! And congrats on the weight loss!

  3. Sounds great! Congrats on the weight loss. I think slow is the best way. Way to go!

  4. bwahahaha “slap yo mama hot” I just love it! I am unabashadly stealing that line! 🙂 Thanks for the laugh, did I ever need it!

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