Surgery Day- NOT!

**HOLY POOOP- this is my 200th post!!!!****

Unbelievably yesterday passed without me realizing that it was supposed to the day of Kingman’s surgery.  I honestly totally forgot I hadn’t thought about it since Tuesday when I hosted a class about couponing (yes, I am a MAJOR couponer).  Instead I spent the day prepping used self-assessment test booklets for reuse for my husband to retake tests for a board certification he has coming up.

ARRRRRRRRGH.  He is obsessing over this test b/c it is THE ONE AND ONLY TEST he has ever failed in his entire life. Yup. you heard me right. He actually has gotten all A’s except one B in some 500 level physics class or something. (I can’t remember I am entirely to stupid to even remember the name of the class).  This particular test he took last May (I was pretty sure I blogged about it, but I can’t find the post….hummm.).  Obviously, he thought he would pass, so he didn’t worry about marking up the previous years practice test booklets (that you can buy for $200…and he bought THREE!)

Weeeeellll…he didn’t pass and it isn’t b/c he isn’t smart. He is brilliant he just wasn’t prepared for the practical part of the test.  (more on that later)  Anyhoo. So yesterday I spent ALL DAY trying to figure how to copy/scan/cover up the  choices so he didn’t know which one he chose before. UGH.

I spent HOURS erasing. Three erasers worth.  (He Xs out the wrong answer-GRRRRRRR)  Three books…….51 pages….. Only to realize that when I copied them the faint shadow STILL FUCKING SHOWED UP.  In hindsight…not well thought out- and not one of my finer ‘think big picture moments’….but come on -I had 3% left on my DVR from being gone for so lone….I HAD to do something in the living room!!!! HA HA HA.

Okay. This is also when I realized I was out of ink for my printer. Yippee. Then the 2 hours quest to find cheap ink for a HP 6500.  Believe it or not I found it on Amazon- b/c I have the Prime so I get ‘free'(pad for already) two day shipping. Gotta make that prepaid shipping worth it huh?

Okay, back to task on hand. Then I figured I would SCAN the fuckers.  That was when I discovered there was no software. Dammnit.  I figured I would SCAN it then just blur out the shadow of the pencil marks on the pages. OH HA HA HA HA HA. The only problem with that is that I FORGOT I haven’t had time to load my FUCKING PHOTOSHOP onto the computer.

So then I think “AH HA! Scan it in as OCR TEXT!!!” BRILLIANT!!!”  yeah- except for the fucking fact that there are graphs and waveforms, pictures, etc.  that TOTALLY fuck everything up.

Grade F Working Girl here didn’t think to check the pages after each scan….so the first book..only about three of the pages were actually usable. At first I thought I could go in a just edit the text…until I realized that the little flecks of ERASER dust that were still left on the pages were causing all sorts of crazy symbols and different shades of text to be used. I am glad I never has aspirations to do some sort of job that required problem solving like this- or such. Project Design? HA!  Landscaping. Dear Lord.

WTF?!?!?!?!  Isn’t technology supposed to make our lives easier?

You know what I finally ended up doing?  Yeah- I am sure EACH and everyone of you are (and have been already) yelling it all your computer screen.

I made a bunch of these———–>>>

Oh yeah- I have all the  common sense smarts  in the family. I want to procreate.  FRIGHTENING HUH?  LOL!!!!

After I got a system down of covering the  marred choices and scanning the pages it went rather fast. I like this way b/c now we have them on the computer and we can print them out multiple times for him to take the tests again and again….um…when we get the ink. Which should be tomorrow. LOL!!

Needless to say- it totally slipped my mind that he was supposed to be getting his nuts cut on yesterday but I was totally thinking about racking them. HA HA.

Today when I woke up is when I had that empty feeling. I came in here and saw the date. Realized why exactly we had a full weekend with no plans and no commitments.  I am sad.

Sad b/c the reason we have this weekend with ‘nothing to do’ is because he was supposed to recuperating with frozen peas between his legs and in a lortab induced coma.  I was supposed to be nursing him back to health, and fluffing his pillow.

Instead my dear husband is going to be SHOCKING ME.

Yup- you heard me right. He informed me last night that he is going to SHOCK me this weekend.

Hummmm….how exactly is he going to shock me you ask?

Let me give you a hint….he is LITERALLY going to shock me.


What are your guesses?

PS. Does anyone on wordpress know how to get your TIME to post on your posts? How do you change the text font and size also??? I don’t see the buttons on the toolbar for it? Am I THAT stupid? I can’t for the life of me figure it out. 🙂


2 responses to “Surgery Day- NOT!

  1. Hehe funny story I think I would have done all those things before covering the letters, too.

  2. Congrats on 200 posts!

    That sounds really frustrating – all of the scanning and rescanning – but glad you figured it out!
    Can’t wait to hear what the surprise is :).

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